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for Living Death

1/19/2020 c2 ycart14
I've really felt Draco at the beginning of this chapter. You're really good at making us readers feel all the characters' emotions. Thank you for another masterpiece! See you on your next work! xx
1/18/2020 c1 Bookloverdream
Ohhhhhh this is phenomenal!
1/18/2020 c1 2WriteAwayMaam
SO GOOD! love the plot! So unique!
1/18/2020 c1 2snapify52
Eerie take on a dystopian future for the wizarding world. I look forward to reading more!
1/18/2020 c1 Grovek26
Excellent first chapter.
1/18/2020 c1 mega700201
Thanks, interesting plot.
Can’t wait for the rest of it!
1/18/2020 c1 frekles
Sounds like another incredible story! Thanks for sharing. I love new ideas! This one is great!
1/18/2020 c1 Black Banshee
Shacklebolt was a surprise...
1/18/2020 c1 sunshineceline
I really like your ambiguity around the term 'hell'...you leave us with a lot of room to interpret what really is hell for Hermione, was it the obliviation law, her hiding, her fake death, her future life as dead but prisoner of sorts. Really amazing first chapter and I cannot wait for the rest! Although I'm bracing myself for the end...Orpheus did lose her in the end, did he not?
1/18/2020 c1 9Nerd Mom Writer
Excellent start! Will there be more?
1/18/2020 c1 AussieSweet
Wow! What a gruesome beginning. I don't even know if I would like to live in a world like that one. And what will Hermione do, confined to the one wing of the manor? It's like being in a nice prison...
1/18/2020 c1 mcal
I AM THPING ONE HANDED WITH LITTLE GIRL IN MY LAP BUT I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW INCREDIBLE THIS WAS! “ Just when we think we are hearing one story, we realize it was only the beginning of something else. In May, for instance, a war ended, but that was almost the easy part.” —TRULY! What an introduction! It sets quite the stage and paints such a picture. Percy’s tripe and sniping is just so... omg, in character. And everything works for the world you’ve created with this story! Such a great opening and so well done!
1/17/2020 c1 8Ditte3
Wow awesome. Can't wait for more.
1/17/2020 c1 1MrsRMRyan
Wow, this is really interesting so far! I’ve always loved the adult Draco who questions the way things are because he has the voice to, as opposed to being pushed into things because he was a child. Can’t wait for this to continue!
1/17/2020 c1 Saggit
Nice. :) Terse, lean, yet everything contributes to the narrative. Draco's ambivalence is well-established, and his decision to preserve Hermione is typically impulsive. The world order atmosphere is brilliantly borne by both Shacklebolt's meeting and Skeeter's reporting at the end. Everybody is well within character. This is really a fine effort. Thank you for sharing this!
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