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3/14 c1 CO809
I loved reading this fic! It’s well written and all in character! I'd really like to see more from you. Thanks for wirtting
8/2/2020 c1 25The Chortling Mermaid
Okay, this is one of the best SPM fics I've read in a long time. I LOVE the characterization and this is such an interesting take on Nastasia's ability and inner turmoil! I love it ahhhhhhhh. This EASILY could've happened in the's so canon omg. It gave me chills when Dimentio came back, too. I'm speechless. Your writing is really strong, and I love that it's descriptive without being purple prose, and that the dialogue is really strong. I also loved when Dimentio said "cranial salad" like lmfao that's so him. You had some real wham lines in here like "You love the way he suffers."
7/1/2020 c1 127lalalei
I never thought about Nastasia using her powers on Bleck before! I love how introspective this fic is, and you captured everyone's personalities perfectly! I'm so glad SPM had a happy ending after everything everyone went through.
3/29/2020 c1 20Colorful and Free
The characterizations were amazing here, especially Dimentio. That smart, clever, persuasive son of a bitch...Fantastic work.
3/22/2020 c1 jumbi
that last comment of yours left me cold lol that's so ominous.

this is terrible, and beautiful. i love how you've dug into nastasia's reasoning here, what's really at the heart of it, all her flaws and fears and ugliness. it makes her so human, you know?
3/20/2020 c1 38SpaceDimentio
Ohohohohoh, this was really, REALLY good! I really enjoyed the way you wrote Dimentio, I was grinning the entire time the two of them were sniping at each other. Fuckin' sparkly trash clown, I'm love him

I've also had this thought before, about why Nastasia doesn't brainwash the Count. I'm glad I never did anything with it because I don't think I could have filled out the details as superbly as you did!

Please keep writing more SPM fics in the future!
2/17/2020 c1 6GlowingGem
I love the way you captured Dimentio's personality here! Awesome job!
2/5/2020 c1 Anon
Nicely done. About that whole "how to pronounce Nastasia's name" thing, I've always pronounced it as you would with Asia. I have a friend whose name is Basia, which is basically just "asia" w/a "b", so I assumed Nastasia is similar. Could be wrong though. Anyway, as I said before, nice work. I actually enjoyed reading this.
2/2/2020 c1 1BraveLittlePauper
Great writing as usual! It never once occurred to me that Nastasia does have the ability to hypnotize Count Bleck if she wanted to. The idea does make for a fascinating study of her character and motivations. I ought to play Super Paper Mario again. It's been so long.

When it comes to Dimentio...Yeah, let's face it- A sock in the jaw would be like a slap on the wrist. Making him eat that hat sounds like a better punishment
1/20/2020 c1 Tournesolia
Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your work! I also wondered why Nastasia never tried to hypnotize the Count, and assumed it was because she respected the Count too much. It was really interesting to read her point of view on this matter!
1/18/2020 c1 2jalajalen
This story was really good! Everyone was in character, it was well written, and it contains the phrase "cranial salad". That line alone deserves a fave. Well done! :D

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