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9/18 c2 Anonymous
Great job!
Is there any way I could request a story? I just had a couple of ideas.
9/18 c1 Anonymous
I haven't even started reading yet, but I am already obsessed with whatever "swearing in French?" Means.
8/23 c5 8Hinnypercabeth12
When’s the next chapter? And could you ever possibly do a genderbent Hamliza Cinderella au story?
6/26 c5 Guest
PLEASE MAKE MORE CHAPTERS! I love this story so much! 3
5/13 c4 UnderlyingLiberosis
Great story so far :). For one, It's been shown that Lafayette and George Washington had a very close relationship (in a father-son way lol), so I just wanted that to be portrayed more. I was kinda amused at the switch of personalities between Alex and Laurens, but it's good that you corrected it. Also, will Eliza add anything to the story apart from hoping for Alex's return?. It's your story, I understand, but I'm hoping that Eliza could participate in Hamilton's rescue, no matter how small a gesture. You have good writing, keep it up
5/12 c4 Guest
Yay an update! Good jon
1/30 c2 3Cabeswater's Assassin
PEGGY SHIPPEN ARNOLD! Love the inclusion of Benedict and Peggy!
1/30 c2 chickensarepets
I like how you wrote in different points of view. Magnificent chapter! :D Congrats for Eliza's child!
1/20 c1 Fiona White
This is an interesting story though not original because I have read over stories where Hamilton is captured and tortured but I never read one with Benedict Arnold. So this may sound strange but I do like stories where Alexander is captured. Also I since some Washingdad will be this story and can't wait to find out what secret Eliza has back at her home. So like this story.
Also when will you post chapter 2 of my story. And I also have a few more things and ideas for my story...
Since this is a school they love in after the student graduation they can go back to their families in their hometown, go to college, or they can stay and be part of the superhero team the M-Sqaud. Also since this is a school the people on the superhero team are also the teachers (Well except George Washington he's the headmaster/principal of the school) anyway Laffayette is the French teacher, John Laurens and Hercules Mulligan are the gym teaches, Alex becomes the new world lititure, Eliza is the art teacher (she also teaches music) though Aaron Burr isn't part of the team or have powers he did teach some subjects like computer skills and live skills. Angelica is the teacher/instructor or the classes that teach the students to control and use thier powers properly and how to use thier powers for definding themselves if/when needed. Peggy being 14 years old is a student and she she can't teach the school it's also why she doesn't go in a lot of missions the team go on because she's too young and needs to focus on her studies (though she keeps on insisting that she should go on a mission, she can handle it but the team and especially her sisters say she's still too young), Thomas Jefferson teaches history and scince and James Madison English and even George Washington teaches a few subjects.
Under the school is where the secret base for the superhero team is.
George Washington has a super computer that can since and locate where minorities are that is how he finds the members of the team and minorities that need his help (like Alex) also the super computer is connected to George's psychic abilities so only a person with psychic abilities can use it.
Also in the end of the episode about Thomas Jefferson he goes back to his hometown and visits his family after 1 ten years apart and the reunion is sweet and the hug.
So for this au I was thinking of putting other musical characters in the story too like the characters from Wicked, Be More Chill, Newsies, In The Heights, Dear Even Henson, Les Miserables, ect.
And now for the episode ideas...
This episode doesn't have a super villian in it just a minority who's powers are going out of control.. Her name is Elphida (the name of the "Wicked " witch in Wicked) it was obvious. From when she was born that she was an minority because of her green skin (her parents took her too a foster care because they didn't want a minority child and when she was 2 she was adopted by glinda's family and Elphida and glinda are sisters/best friends) so now she's 16 and her powers are growing out of control so George Washington and the Schuyler sisters go to find her and help her. Glinda is worried about Elphida the whole time. (Elphida's power is she can literally defy gravity and physics, she can literally change reality with her powers)
This next episode takes place a year after the events of the musical Be More Chill. After Jeremy and Michael defeated the Super Quantum Unit Intell Prosecer or the S.Q.U.I.P, Jeremy had been feeling strange and is now able to control anything that is electrical and build anything like weapons, computers, ect, so his powers do with anything that is electrical. When Michael finds this out he realizes that Jeremy is an minority and thinks it's cool, here is what they say...
Michael: Dude, this is amazing. You have superpowers, you're like an X-MEN!
Jeremy: N-no I'm not. Besides even if I am, after almost causing the whole town to get taken other by the S.Q.U.I.P, I don't need any other excuse for people calling me a freak.
Michael: First off, you didn't know the s.q.u.i.p would do that, and second you could be part of the M-Sqaud!
Jeremy: The M-Sqaud?
Michael: Real super heroes that are minorities, just like you. Isn't that amazing?
Anyway the M-Sqaud do come but so does the evil king's men or at least two of them anyway and they are James Reynolds and Alex's Brother James Hamilton.
The M-Sqaud want to help Jeremy and teach him how to use them for good and the kind just wants to use Jeremy to make weapons.
For the next episode the students Philip, Peggy, Elphida, Jeremy, the son of Usnavi (who is named Miguel), and some oc characters (you can make up the names of the OC's) go of for a night in town (while the M-Sqaud is on a mission, and they're not really aloud to go off of the school campus without permission) and things start out fine the go see a movie, they hang out in the mall and do normal teenager things but it changes when they meet a trouble maker teenager who is part of a gang and needs help or he'll get killed. So can they help him.
In the next episode Angelica is out grocery shopping when she is kidnapped by this secret qalt that kidnaps minorities and use them to fight in these gladiator like find for their sick intertament (the reason why the kidnapped her for the games because they saw her use her powers in action and thought her powers would make her a perfect component for the games. Along the way Angelica recalls the time her she and her sisters discovered thier powers and how George Washington safed them.. Will she escape and help the other minorities escape this cruel qalt the?
Oh each character guys a episode explaining their origin story.
So those are the episode idea I have I hope you like them.
1/20 c1 chickensarepets
Great story! :D I have a request for my birthday on July 8th. You do not have to do it if you don't want, as it's very silly and weird, and I know you're very busy. I would like for all the Hamilton hoomans to be turned into chickens. It could just be one page, you don't have to write multiple chapters. All the characters would just have "chicken" at the end of their names like "George Washington Chicken". ;) You could say things like "John Laurens Chicken preened his feathers" or "picked a seed off the ground" or "flapped over to the tree branch". The story line could be basically anything, whether they are trying to figure out how to turn back into hoomans or it's just a normal Hamilton scene replaced with chickens. C: If you include Lafayette in it, he would be a french chicken breed, possibly a Salmon Faverolle. George Washington would be a Dominique or a Barred Rock. Alexander Hamilton would be a Rhode Island Red. John Laurens could be an Olive Egger or a Barnevelder. Angelica could be a Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam, and Eliza could be a Silver Spangled Hamburg. The rest of the breeds you can decide or just not say. Thank you very much for reading and I would be greatly ecstatic if you are willing to actually write this. Happy New Year and good luck in school!
1/19 c1 Annie Samsons
This is a good story, in fact all your stories are great so keep up the good work. And I also would like to know when will you post chapter 2 of my story.
1/18 c1 2SunhatLlama
oooo, this is nice. Is there going to be any Washington being worried in this? I live for Washingdad.
1/18 c1 Batgirl'66
This is a good first chapter. I have an interesting fact about Benidict Arnold in the French and Indian war his leg actually got injured for the rest of his life after that he had a wooden leg though he became general years later he wasn't paid Much and felt unappreciated his wife (who was from England) is the one who convinced him to betrayed America she said that the British officers would appreciate him more and pay him more. You can look up more of you want to you can even find a way to put it on the story.
Anyway I like this first chapter and can't wait for the next update.

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