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5/6/2021 c1 16The Writing Crow
I like Ryo and Mr. Karate too much to really enjoy this. He's my Ryu in the SNK universe, my main dude, my #1 always go-to guy. I remember blowing King's top off with Ryo on my old SNES port of AOF1 and was shocked that she was a girl as a kid. I always thought she was just a really feminine looking dude... kind of like James, from Pokemon.

... I really don't think Mary would be able to whoop Ryo either when the guy went through dozens of people and won one of the KOF tournaments while even canonly defeating King herself. I think he's gotten wins over Mr. Big, Geese... maybe even Terry, I don't know about that one. I do know that I hate his C'MON C'MON ARE YOU OKAYYYY and stupid red cap aggh

Dan though, from SF, he's a real one.
1/26/2020 c1 46RobertCop3
Once again, it’s Mary to the rescue! Just what we needed after what came before! And as always, Mary is the perfect bestie.

Still loving the way you write them, and play their personalities off one another. I also like that we learned of a Behind the Scenes moment, since I don’t ever remember a scene where King made Mary promise not to shoot anyone on her behalf anymore.

Of course, Mary’s reaction is believable because she’s a feminist and all. Which also explains her reaction to how backwards the rest of King’s family is. But she still focuses enough to be the shoulder King needs.

I love these two in your fic. And I’m secretly hoping Mary will have that meeting with Ryo someday.
1/18/2020 c1 iwewia
I always have this good fuzzy feeling when I read your dialogues between Mary and King. None of them are squeaky clean characters and yet their conversations are always...wholesome? I love it so much. It's very easy to get stuck in the character tropes, forgetting to expand them beyond their role in the story and you make them feel very close to reality. Kudos, kudos, kudos!

Now, the "Ryo Situation"... Interesting how you explore where each of them come from in this chapter. Undoubtebly, culture and upbringing still influence them even if they are currently in America. Ryo seems to lack the experience that King had with love, heartbreak, vile incidents, and so Ryo goes for the "tried and true" path. What's cool is how this ties into Yuri and the dynamics of all the characters in the King-verse!

I enjoy reading your notes! When King speaks in french, I always make a mental note to check if I got it right when I get to the notes, haha. The experience wouldn't be complete without the Illy trivia.
1/18/2020 c1 135jojoDO
Alright. I can see you're sticking to your guns on this thing. While I disagree, on a lot of fronts... it's your story, your vision. But I still disagree.

I think Ryo being a "dick" is still a manifestation of the way King expects him to look at her, much like I think this whole thing played out in a manner helped along by her preconceived notions that Ryo would think she's a whore. I don't believe Ryo MEANT to cause any offense, I think he was backed into a corner by her, entrapped into saying stuff that she was going to inevitably take the wrong way. And of course, Mary and Yuri are going to be on her side by default, which means King's truth becomes THE truth. Regardless of what Ryo meant or didn't mean, his side of the story gets lost.

It's sad that he gets demonized over this, because I think Ryo has nothing but good intentions towards King, in all that he does. The problem is that he doesn't know HOW to properly help her, and she's sure as hell not giving him much of a chance. But he deserves credit where credit is due, nonetheless.

Welp. The drama continues :D

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