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for american dragon: Rise of the chosen one

2/28 c1 Dragon-LV
Hey. I'm looking for fans to come up with a plot for the third season together. No, I am not from Disney, but this is if I can get permission to create a sequel. I'm also a fan like you.
The site does not allow me to write an email address, so I wrote this:
Here is my mail: redtanker46(the at symbol) g mail . com
1/30 c7 Guest
1/27 c6 Guest
1/24 c4 Guest
love Jake and Rose fooling around him grabbing her rump
1/24 c3 Omnismith
I love it. Keep going, I would love to see where it goes
1/23 c3 Guest
Love Jake and Rose
1/23 c3 Guest
1/22 c2 Guest
I really enjoyed chapter 2 a lot. You have got all the characters voices down to a pat. Your idea is really innovative as well and it feels like I am reading season 3 of the show, it's that good. Also I loved Rose and her family's interactions. It's really light hearted in a way I have never seen Rose behave on the show too much, but there has only been hints of it. Rose getting to act like a teenager and not being serious all the time is something I really liked.

Hopefully you will continue with your updates when you have time.
1/21 c2 Guest
Always wanted combine magic and technology create post scarcity for everyone
1/21 c2 Guest
Love Jake and Rose
1/19 c1 Guest
Love Jake and Rose

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