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10/3/2020 c12 RobinofYJ
Thanx for writing this. Greatly enjoyed it!
7/29/2020 c3 23Joyce LaKee
Am enjoying this

Happy writing
7/29/2020 c2 Joyce LaKee
Zoe and Jaime!

Happy writing
7/27/2020 c12 2petmw14
Just finished reading the final chapter...


An amazing, heartfelt crossover story! The use of flashbacks to make the whole story connect throughout was really well done. And it's clear you really understand the DW world so well, integrating it seamlessly with the KP world. Great character building. And wonderful writing in general!

This is definitely going in my 'favourites'! I look forward to your future works.

PS I also read your KP/Karin crossover, 'There Will Be Bloodwhich may I say is another great story!), before I read this one. And you make this KP/DW crossover tie in so well with the previous one!
6/9/2020 c12 1LazyAz
I hope you continue to write. You do such an incredible job capturing the characters and expanding the universe. Thank you!
5/13/2020 c12 Bobtrumpet
Wow! I have no words ...
Wait, I have a few. Everything tied together so well. Binging it as I did allowed me to remember parts from other chapters rather easily, which only added to the enjoyment. And the biscuit - cookie thing was well played. The three members of the Synod tied in well with the “villains come in threes” of the older Doctor Who series (I haven’t seen any of the newer ones).
I’m really glad I gave this one a go. Favorited. First rate.
5/1/2020 c12 56MrDrP
A satisfying conclusion to a great story.

Emotion, humor, tension, a bit of action - this chapter had it all. The characters were all in character, the writing was on point. Well done.

The highlight, though, was the way you brought everything back to where it began. That was neatly, elegantly done.

Thanks for this tale. I only wish you were getting more reviews!
4/20/2020 c11 MrDrP
A good, if different, installment, like its predecessors.

I must admit when I first read this, I wanted to skim over the first part of the chapter. I really wasn't that interested in the Lorwardians and I wanted to get back to Kim. But as I reread it, I saw my initial reaction was wrong. It made narrative sense to keep the focus on the aliens, to make the reader wait for Kim to reappear.

And her return was worth the wait. I'm worried about her wrist, she's been taken out of the game and, oddly enough, I wonder what the implications will be for future (I assume she'll get out of this sitch). Will she be the beneficiary of alien medicine? Just another question that (hopefully) awaits an answer.

Of course, with Kim on the run, and the aliens talking and searching, I do wonder where Ron and Dr Who are. Should be an interesting reunion, to say the least.

Finally, naming two aliens after Bulgakov characters was amusing. The other names - which seemed to be inspired by drinks - left me curious ... where'd they come from?

Looking forward to more.
4/16/2020 c10 MrDrP
This was another fine installment.

I really liked Kim's continued escape; the descriptions were evocative and I must say the waterfall scene was very well done.

I also like the interaction between Ron and Dr Who. Very, very well done and reveals a deep familiarity with the characters and their motivations. Kudos.

Now what the heck is a Tardis biscuit? :)
4/10/2020 c9 MrDrP
I'm getting tired of writing "Great chapter" but there we are. Great chapter.


Good pacing.

Effective use of alternative perspectives.

The new doctor has come into her own as a character in this chapter.

Kim's escape was very well done and exciting to read. Bravo!

But the best part was your continued expansion on Lorwardia itself, its culture, its people, its problems, and its patent stupidity. These were the people who installed an "off" switch on a space ship's engine, after all. Why not be similarly careless when designing a planetary oxygen system!?

Oops. Wait. I have to give pride of place to the way you handled the Doctor's laments over what the planet was, has become, and Kim's discovery at the very end of the installment.

Looking forward to more.
4/8/2020 c9 6gerbilHunter
My strongest response while reading this was to think that having to eat semi-congealed butter is really gross. Kimmie is tough in all kinds of ways.

And Ron is ready to take on the entire planet, one Lorwardian at a time, to find his Beloved. I understand the impulse.

As usual, a well-written chapter with peril and adventure. I liked the introductory paragraphs, and the transition from long-term, brooding presence to fast-paced action. And foreshadowing, though not brought out in this chapter.

I'm guessing that what Kim has stumbled into is the oxygen generation plant for the city (or at least one of them; it would be moronic to have only one, but that doesn't mean there's more. There is nothing more capable of stupidity than a ruling bureaucracy, here or anywhere else. Which reminds me of a great story by Stanislaw Lem. But I digress). It's clearly not being well maintained. There should be some office or government bureau dedicated to taking care of it, but if so, there should be no rust.

Apologies for having missed reviewing your last chapter, by the way. I read and enjoyed, of course. And I'm looking forward to the next one.
3/30/2020 c8 56MrDrP
Another strong chapter. Which from you is not surprising.

What most stood out was Kim's Kimmitude. She's down, the odds are against her, things look bleak, but she's not given up, indeed, seems to be shifting fully into mission mode. I liked that.

I can't help but note a little political commentary here. Powerful beings with laughably tender egos? Uh huh ...

Ron seemed a bit more together at the start of the chapter but we've seen him rise to the occasion when the chips are down. And it was very much in keeping with Ron's character to have him behave the way he did on the Tardis, even with the doctor and an unknowable situation.

Again, the Lorwardians were well done. And while I like the monolothic stupidity of them in the show, you brought out the destructive cunning, and for good measure, showed not all of them may think alike.

Looking forward to more!
3/29/2020 c4 16DrCyrusBortel
The KP-traditional Doctor Who episode subplot is definitely the standout in this one. Excellent work. I'm unfamiliar with Dr. Who (I know only the setting and only watched all of Martha-Tenth Doctor), but it still captures the general feel pretty well.

Also, a Midwest launch site was once considered for the Shuttle program - but it hinged on there being a fully reusable two-stage-to-orbit shuttle, one that would not drop flaming bits of spent rocket booster across the continental United States. Chinese launches from Xichang and Russian launches from Baikonur have always had such problems - villagers in Sichuan are told to head to air-raid shelters during rocket launches to mitigate the problem, and China is in the middle of building a coastal spaceport in Hainan.
3/29/2020 c1 DrCyrusBortel
Intriguing. I never knew the Tardis had backdoors (which Kim and Ron have presumably climbed into).
3/25/2020 c7 6gerbilHunter
Damn! This chapter came up before I even had a chance to read the last one.

Wade to the rescue. Well, sorta, but he enables the rescue. If there's going to be a rescue. Which there is.

I like the offhand use of feminine pronouns to refer to the Doctor here. Good reminder that the Doctor changes bodies now and again. And sidekicks, as we now have Yaz instead of Zoe.

Interesting that Kim has somebody on her side at the Lowardian tribunal, much like a public defender. I wouldn't have expected it. Nor the faces that are 'not altogether unkind'. Is there dissension in the Lorwardian populace? One can only hope.

And what use, pray tell, could there be for a somewhat congealed stick of butter? Someone of Kim's resourcefulness might find a use.
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