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for On the Wings of Reminiscence

2/5 c15 19CrazyFM
Awww what a sweet ending :)
I finally got the chance to read the last chapters and I really enjoyed them. Great story, though it is kinda sad that it has ended already.
1/31 c1 Guest
good so far
1/26 c6 CrazyFM
I am still really enjoying this story. And I really look forward to reading more.
1/23 c4 CrazyFM
A really good story so far. It's a funny idea for the owner of the to be along for the ride. I mean, with all those helicopters they 'borrowed' it was long overdue. Will we get to read more about the mission? I like your OC AJ. She and Murdock are a good fit. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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