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for Doom - Inverted Realms (Book 3)

10/9/2022 c13 39lixiaofossil
That's a brutal battle, and even a Cyberdemon can't best our hero that's for sure. On a side note, I think BFG should come with some sort of EMP effect as its projectile travels, to stun the boss for granting Doomguy a short window to land a few more shots of lessen armaments in his arsenal.
11/4/2020 c5 lixiaofossil
They're going to make the same mistake...again. Demons are not horses nor dogs, you can't tame them for doing tricks!
7/20/2020 c3 lixiaofossil
Eh...I think something is wrong with the formatting.

And on a side note, lemme quote something from Lawrence of Arabia: Teleporation is a vast ocean, teleporters are ships, demons can go anywhere and strike anywhere with them, so as long as you don't have something to disrupt inter-dimensional travel, you're fighting a losing war.

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