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1/30 c12 11TropicalRemix
what are usagi and endymion talking about. one of them doesn't seem to happy. I'm glad that beryl is dead but she didn't have to kill the baby.
1/28 c11 TropicalRemix
did usagi escape or did someone slip her endymion's diary?
1/27 c9 TropicalRemix
i hope she can escape soon. that baby isn't endymion's i hope. he would never sleep with a snake like her. you should tell how endymion feels about her being missing
1/24 c8 TropicalRemix
what did jadeite do? I hope she can escape and get to the castle to warn endymion or something. I hope instead of just journal entry's we can see them talking .
1/22 c3 TropicalRemix
beryl is killing everyone that has to do with her.
1/22 c2 TropicalRemix
you should write longer chapters.
1/20 c1 TropicalRemix
beryl order usagi's capture so she won't be in the way for her to get endymion to love her? i hope usagi gets rescued soon

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