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9/20 c10 Sierratuere
I'm also very interested. It's sorta implied that there is a keyholder for the halo universe as well and that they actually share a universe. shipgirls vs space bs? would be very cool
9/14 c10 Guest
Just kill some of the IJN ships. I hate how they are often portrayed like victim while it was their own choice to sode with Siren in first place.

And this 4th JP anniversary is totally outrageous! The devs boldly tell the community that IJN bias is real so fuck off and deal with it by giving them 2 URs whereas they already have 3UR/DR while other factions only have 2.

Fucking Yamamto dick suckers.
9/15 c3 Sierratuere
funnily enough the ships have their contemporary naval abbreviations. even though enterprise is an "eagle union" ship, she's still the USS enterprise. IJN, KMS, HMS, etc etc they are all still in the AL canon.
9/14 c9 Chaosgod3456
hey you can't do that man ruin bath scene hahah
9/10 c10 4Spartastic 4
Happy to see Shinano. Silver haired milf fox waifu is the best waifu. Little surprised that you added in Yamato and Mushashi, which one of them has official art for now… that or it’s Fusuo Meta.

Anyway, good chapter. Some mistakes here and there in the wording but nothing too distracting. Interesting that you brought in a Sakura Empire Commander who has some sort of relation to the Azur Lane Commander. Hope to see more soon.

Best of luck in your endeavors.
9/9 c9 Spartastic 4
So I only really have two things to say.

1) Vestal has more of a pearl off whiteish color hair that has pink in it.

2) The description of who UNSC Enty met was kinda lacking. There was a general description of her, which gave a rough idea of what she looked like, but it didn’t explain why UNSC Enty was emotional about her for why she referred to her as “Admiral.” I’ll have to read the next chapter to see if she reflects in someway on this.
9/4 c10 Sierratuere
hell to the fucking yeah. despite not being so good at English as you claim you have a surprisingly good handle on the langauge. your writing's fucking aesthetic and I can barely wait for more. the plot is enthralling and this has got to be my favorite AL fic
9/4 c9 Sierratuere
also, appreciate this wonderful 2 chapter update. i think your english is getting better as well
9/4 c9 Sierratuere
fuck all those people who like restrictive ROE(Rules of engagment) you can't win ANYTHING with two arms tied behind your back
9/4 c6 Sierratuere
lol pelicans are massive. basically they have the same size as a c130
9/4 c9 1BirdFeather1837
Liked the update and I'm about to hit CH. 10. Only question is whether or not the ship repairs assisted by UNSC Enterprise on the subject of advanced Titaniam-A armor will result in retrofit activation on the other Kensan's?
9/4 c10 3Bum507
I'm glad to see this come back and interested to see where this is going. Keep up the good work.
9/4 c10 Arakile
thank you for the chapter, I was surprise to find an update but 2 chapters when I woke up. Now waiting for the next chapter and learning the haloverse
9/3 c10 2Maneless
Damn... This was a nice chapter.
I liked how you described their reactions hahah
9/3 c10 3kingdomssage
There are those who said this day would never come... what a day to say now.

a nice double upload surprise and quite the cliff hanger at the end. Also, i think it was mostly unintentional on your part. But you sold me on shinano and unsc enterprise. I mean you basically told us shinano watched her entire life, who else will understand better if not shinano
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