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9/3 c10 3kingdomssage
There are those who said this day would never come... what a day to say now.

a nice double upload surprise and quite the cliff hanger at the end. Also, i think it was mostly unintentional on your part. But you sold me on shinano and unsc enterprise. I mean you basically told us shinano watched her entire life, who else will understand better if not shinano
9/3 c10 SpaceCommander-09
Oh boy, this'll get interesting.
9/3 c10 CEPHALON
Really damn good story so far. I had almost lost hope for any updates so imagine my surprise to find two new chapters when I wake up. Can’t wait for more to come.
6/24 c1 Sierratuere
Enterprise being aloof and cold is a good contrast to most azur lane fics which are harem fuckfests ngl
6/21 c8 American Blitzkrieg
Pretty well done, good sir.
6/16 c8 Guest
Could you add the unsc Everest with its crew and Preston j cole and other destroyed unsc ships and crews and soldiers so enterprise is under unsc command and can you have the infinity discover them so there can be official first contact
6/17 c1 Sierratuere
I do like what you've written, please continue :)
6/15 c8 Sierratuere
this aint filler

its critical character building and you've pulled it off spectacularly.

in fact the entire story is done exceptionally well despite the interspersed grammar mistakes that are by all accounts forgivable given how well you've crafted everything else.
6/15 c7 Sierratuere
just a note

UNSC warships often use their 50mm PD (Point defence) as orbital bombardment weapons. she does have infinite missiles tho.

but if you want a situation with massed firepower then dozens of fast firing PDs will do the trick
6/15 c2 Sierratuere
fucking hell that sucks sunk in the last year of the war.

f in the chat for our girl cv 600
6/10 c8 anthonyapodaca63
when are you updating?
6/8 c8 4Spartastic 4
So as normal, the biggest issue was just some phrasing of words or just a sentence or two sounding weird with the word placement. Other than that, nothing bad to note.

While you consider this a filler chapter, I think it did an excellent job of giving UNSC Enterprise characterization. The delving into of “what is a Kansen” is also something you don’t see in other Azur Lane fics and it was probably my favorite section of this chapter. It was also good to see that Columbia made it back to friendlies.

My only question is, how will this inspection go?

Best of luck in your endeavors.
6/2 c8 Arpeggio GTA Collection
First Glad to see you are back
NGL (I don’t want to sound mean) My worst imagination occurred when you didn’t update for a while, I really thought you ‘faced the music’ man that the virus got you. Because I noticed you usually do a 2-month upload, so you can guess my reaction when you didn’t update in March or May. I thought ‘Oh boy, another story with so much potential already forgotten’.
Again, glad to see you are safe, just maybe next update or inform us on your profile, so we don’t freak out.

Moving on, man space Enty’s emotions.
She doesn’t care because she cares too much. Well, enduring and surviving what seemed to be a never-ending war for the last thirty yrars, being on the losing side and losing nearly family members and friends. Yeah, no wonder she is like this.
It is going to take a while for her to open up and form connections. Well, it might be a bit hard anyway since some of them think she is part Siren (Thanks Wales!). However, she does have some good points. Again conflicting ideas and code. All shipgirls fight and sacrifice for humanity, however as David has pointed, none more so than CV-600.
I can see her asking that question if CV-600 and others (CV-6, Wales, etc.) bump heads again. “You would do anything for humanity, correct?” “Yes, it is our solemn duty.” “Anything?” “Anything” “Even if it means sacrificing yourself to be opened/tested/experimented for their needs/benefits?” ‘Silence’
I’d imagine a majority of shipgirls observing the conversation and then they’d be silent/shocked as well when CV-600 asks that question.

Another point of conflict, possibly, stems from the idea when CV-600 mentions she describes herself as a ‘War machine’ instead of a ‘Human’.
I understand she has truthful points like if shipgirls emotions did get in the way then yes it might hamper the mission ex. They want to return for Columbia when they had no way of telling if she was still alive or captured. However, since she is ‘human’ now CV-600 has to learn to live with them. Again both sides have fair points, one side it might hamper/jeopardize the mission but on the other side is friends, family, and loved ones
Maybe Wales was right when she said ‘Your way of thinking will kill you'.

However, David does point out some solid points as well. Her/Their name ‘Enterprise’.
It is a name that man will carry on towards the future. “As long as there’s an Enterprise then humanity shall not retreat nor forfeit”. However, CV-600 herself doesn’t see herself as a part of that.
I mean, while it is true IRL there are some who care more/the most burden than others, they themselves have their own hopes and dreams as well, that is why they are sacrificing. The same thing could be said for our space Enty, she just needs to see that.
Maybe she does need to accept that offer for a room on the base.

However, it is not only CV-600 herself that should see it but all the other Kanmusu as well. I mean they are still distrustful of her because, again, they think she is part siren.
And with Columbia, in the chapter, saying that CV-600 is lucky that she could basically escape Earth. Yeah, if she ever says that Enterprise's face that is not going to be pretty.
“Running?! Running?! The majority of what I have been doing back home is Running!”

Because once they learn about the Human-Covie war and her past (and the Enterprise parts). Yeah, they are probably thankful that the siren essence in CV-600 is not directed at them. But they could also open up and respect her more. Make her smile.
Unless, of course, you harm humanity. Your grave Crimson Axis.
(I mean don’t get me wrong the UNSC is not perfect, no government is. But there are those who have higher morals than others.)

That is why we love space Entry, she is almost the ship version of the Chief.
“We need to run,” “No, we need to fight.” “Get ready.”

And now since she is staying with them in the base. Again, a majority will be distrustful of her, initially, but maybe there are those who would want to get to know her more ex. Intrepid (more down below), Hornet, Unicorn, some of the destroyers maybe, etc.

That battle in Ep. 7 when Akagi says her love for Amagi conquers all. Yeah, well good luck when CV-600 shows up/is there and Akagi sees that her love for humanity is far greater.

Maybe in the future when Azur Lane and Crimson Axis make up one of the shipgirls she can become friends with is Admiral Graf Spee.

So Admiral (Daddy) Allenforth is coming to meet space Enty huh? Let’s see how he handles this and cannot wait for the reactions of the rest of the human crews in the task force. Newest and best carrier on the block? Sorry USS Constitution and Crew. And the reactions of the Kanmusu who are coming.

I already might have some knowledge on who these might be.
The two Essexes? Essex herself and Intrepid. (It could be someone other than Intrepid, but we do need someone to bond and slowly break CV-600’s shell)
The fast battleship? Well, since all the North Carolina’s and the South Dakota’s are already on the base. I’m guessing Georgia, possibly, even USS New Jersey, the latest US Battleships after all.
For the 2 Heavy cruisers, I believe one is Baltimore herself, and the 2 Light cruisers are Seattle and Reno. (I’m guessing these three because they are proficient in tech since they were the best-equipped ships when WW2 ended. Well Seattle was just a paper ship)
The light carrier though, that one I really can’t pin down. Maybe USS Independence? IDK.

All these ships pinnacle of design they describe themselves, for their own time of course. Let’s see how they handle a carrier 500 years from the future.
And since the majority of them are going to inspect her equipment/loadout. Let’s just say all of them, both human and shipgirl, are going to need a whole lot more whiskey when it is all said and done. Also, more on CV-600 equipment down below.

Sidestepping real quick.
I have read some of the other reviews and kinda agree with those that say space Enty better not go down the path of ‘Friendship is magic and conquers all'. Yeah, no. I mean so far you are not setting her to be like that but still just saying. Though another point of conflict again is the way how the girls of Crimson Axis are punished. While I can see there are some higher-ups and Kanmuse who are like ‘give them a light punishment and that’s it’ because they are still in the war (I mean in the anime they basically got off with just a slap on the wrist). I’d imagine there is no way space Enty will be like that, she would make sure the Crimson Axis girls will face justice. Because if they don’t see eye to eye on this, then I gotta a feeling Enty might actually leave them to fend for themselves. “I shall not be working with an organization who freely lets traitors in their midst, it goes against my oath”, defend mankind from all adversaries foreign and domestic.
I mean, yes, the UNSC did work with Insurrectionists in the past against the Covies but even then they made sure there were those who were punished accordingly. So Azur Lane better has some good justification or CV-600 is saying bye-bye. Or if they don’t punish the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood girls, then CV-600 is taking matters into her own hands, “Enterprise, they have had enough stand down!” CV-600 looks between the commander and the rest of the Azur Lane girls and back to the Zuikaku and Shokaku, who lay there beaten from their scuffle with her, and the rest of the Sakura empire and Iron Blood girls. “Fine, but one more thing.” Before anyone can blink or say another word CV-600 quickly unholsters her magnum then proceeds to empty its entire clip at the crane sisters. “Zuikaku!” Shokaku shouted and pushed her sister away as the bullets hit her. Since CV-600 wasn’t aiming most of the bullets missed, however, some were able to impact Shokaku. “Shokaku-nee!” Zuikaku rushes to her sister’s side as she lays there, withering in pain and bleeding from both her legs.
“That is for working with the enemy and turning your backs on your duty and humanity”. Enterprise holsters her magnum then proceeds to walk back to the base. Vestal and Akashi rush past her to help Shokaku, David and the rest of the girls are silent. Then all of them part to form a path and CV-600 walks past them.
Takao did say their sins will catch up with them.

Backtracking again real quick, because this actually falls in line with what I thought might happen to Columbia last chapter.
I originally thought that Columbia did get captured. The Azur Lane girls begged CV-600 to go back and rescue her before they reach Sakura Empire territory; she has missiles, but she is firm and disagrees with them. However, when they all return to base and news is told to the others and then the whole base starts to feel downcast. Then CV-600 feels regret and decides to go solo rescue mission. Half rigging first (aka Marine armor like you said) for sneaking in the prison, then full rigging once everything goes Loud. And when it does go Loud CV-600 is doing as much damage as possible. Now I don’t know if the Sakura and Iron Blood girls keep their ship forms in the docks like with Azur Lane, however, if they do leave them. Then it means Space Enty is doing anything and everything to damage or cripple them because they did turn their backs. But I’d also imagine CV-600 is confronted by Takao and others and if she is caught, then that fight is going to hurt a lot.

“Stay here kid,” Enterprise says to Columbia, as she lowers the injured light cruiser down behind some cover. She looks up at the Sakura Empire girls and immediately her helmet starts to designate them red. “You are foolish if you think you can take on all of us at once,” Takao yells at Enterprise. “Possibly” was all that she heard.
*One fight scene later
Zuikaku and the rest of her friends are struggling to get up. “Why are you doing this ?!”, Shokuku shouts to the grey and black woman in front of her.
“Why?” it replies. Shokaku then looks straight into that golden visor, its color made even brighter due to the sun setting behind her “It’s because you have captured a prisoner and this is a rescue mission.” Enterprise then proceeds to pick up the injured Columbia and hoists the light cruiser over her shoulder again. She makes her way to the edge of the docks but stops for a moment, and then silence follows, for a few minutes. The figure speaks again, “And just to make sure this never happens again.”. The figure then spins to face her again, this time with her pistol pointed at her. Shokaku’s eyes widened as Enterprise pulled the trigger.
(I’m sorry for picking on the crane sisters, but I got the feeling something special(s) is being saved for the foxes.)

Alright returning back.
I may have a theory on where UNSC Everest might have ended up. If she is being used for experiments by the sirens, they F-ed up. However, if she is being used (or parts of her are being used) for the ‘Orochi’ Or since she crashed in the Atlantic. I got a bad feeling that Ironblood might have some hand in secretly ‘retrieving’ her. Those are multiple death warrants and then some.
That scene before where I described Enterprise going on a solo rescue mission and basically F-ing up the enemy base. Yeah, the same thing but now smashing along everything that they have taken/reversed engineered/taken design from the UNSC.
(Again, look we don’t space Enty being too OP. However, it will be very satisfying if CV-600 does beat down some of the stronger Iron Blood girls. They think they’re so cool and the best, just because they have sharks.)
She did say there are things the humans of this world are not ready for.
Hmm, I wonder if Enterprise might go and sabotage whatever research they have at Eagle Union’s ‘Blue Whale’ facility because it is related to the statement above.

Also, if this whole rescue mission is basically episode 5. Enterprise settling down in the base and the aforementioned inspection is possibly episode 6, we need more Shipgirls talking/reacting about space Enterprise. Or maybe it all occurs between 6 and 7. Just No bath scene, please.
Even though they are in the far future, I cannot wait to see how Episodes 11 and 12 playout
Real quick though, one gripe I think a majority of us might have is her number of fighters. Because, if you search it up, Essex class to Modern carriers can carry about 90 - 100 planes. Okay so not all of them are fighters but 24 fighters? Yeah, that is weak.
I mean I understand you not wanting her to be OP or anything, but even though she already has loads of missiles and guns. Our space Enty is an aircraft carrier, by blood and heritage.
Maybe you can have it where since she did wake up damaged then most of her fighters are damaged as well.

Here are some calculations, since Hornet already mentioned that CV-600 size is about 10 Essexs’. Compared to the biggest carriers today, which are the United States’ Nimitz and Gerald Ford classes, Space Enty is about 2.5 to 3 of them. However, it doesn’t mean that double or triple the size equals double and triple the fighter craft. I mean, again, how many weapon systems does she have? So you could have her complement around 100 - 150 aircraft. However, if you do want to go triple because I’m pretty sure the Covenant outnumber the Humans in planes as well, then her complement is 300 - 310 aircraft.
(Okay, so I checked other countries' aircraft carriers, the lowest number of planes is about 40 - 70, but still, Covenant outnumbered Humans so yeah. You choose which route.)

Now moving on to how her planes are structured. IRL squadrons consist of about 12 - 24 planes. You could also have at 10 planes per since that is what some military branches do. But that is for her fighters. So her Longsword and Broadsword fighters, 10 - 24 aircraft per squadron. Her other craft could have smaller numbers in their squadrons, the same thing IRL. Longsword and Shortsword bombers, 5 aircraft per squadron. Pelicans have 4 - 5 in a squadron.
Again, up to you and your decision to structure cause the info on the Halo wiki is not that meaty.

But this next part has more ‘concrete’ data compared to her fighters… Space Entys weapon systems:
1 x 56A2F9 Light MAC
2 x Mk 15 Breakwater Naval Coilguns (basically smaller MAC’s I guess)
12 x M66 Sentry Autocannons (Since they are described as autocannons the size has to be larger than 50mm that is usually used, so I’m guessing around 6 - 8 inches. Also, the picture provided in the wiki shows a dual turret config so it's 12 x 2 24 cannons total.)
20 x M4020 Bident Missile Pods (Same with the archers below, since it is described as pods then it means they come in groups instead of 1 missile per tube. However, these are more deadly than her archers and possibly used more for ground support. I guess she carries less of them in her pods. I’m guessing 4 - 10 missiles per pod, so that's about 40 - 200 total)
70 x M58 Archer missile pods (The wiki says that the frigates and destroyers carry about 24 - 27 each in their pods. Since Enty is a bit bigger let’s bump it up just a little bit. 30 missiles per pod, and 70 x 30 is 2,100 archers)
12 x M870 Rampart point defense (The wiki says they usually come in dual or quad setups, so either 12 x 2 or 12 x 4 means about 24 - 48 guns total. Size 5 inches, because it says these are used to disrupt enemy missiles/torpedoes at medium-close ranges)
And last but not least, 20 x M810 Helix point defense (Since these are her traditional CIWS, these guys are the 50mm cannons. Wiki says dual setup so 20 x 2 40 guns total)

(Basically her M66’s are for long - medium engagements, the M870’s are for medium - CQC and the M810’s are her last lines of CIWS before anything hits or enters her hull)

Another suggestion, maybe in future CV-600 decides it’s time to upgrade a little bit. So she upgrades her Mark V to the classic Mark VI (Gen 1). Maybe not in performance but looks.

And perhaps just one more minor gripe, It would have been awesome to see the reactions of the girls as they exited the Condors and saw the hangar space of CV-600. I mean like she said back in chapter 6, ‘one of the few men to go into space [in a spaceship]’.
Other than that, yeah, the chapter is still very good. Maybe, the reactions will come when the inspection happens.

Also, I think I may have a theory on why you choose Epoch. The definition for Epoch is “a notable time in history” and seeing how the name Enterprise will live on, so long as humanity remembers it and keeps on towards the future. Yeah, I can see why.

And I guess due to the description since you asked before. Bident missiles are basically MOABs in terms of performance or Kinetic rods aka “Rods from God’.

Anyways this was a good chapter all around and here’s to hoping the next one, and the following ones come out soon as you said. Perhaps around June 6? You know why

(Everest’s motto is sort of canon. I discovered in the Halo subreddit, but still a cool and meaningful motto)
6/2 c8 Chaosgod3456
you said a couple days when will you release the next chapter or did you forget?
5/30 c4 Guest
Took you long enough
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