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6/1 c8 Just a random guy117
Nice to see the fanfic isn’t dead, I was worried that it was. Nice to see that That the Sakura empire actions is causing ripple effects. Columbia might be the first but I highly doubt she is the last to lash out. Glad she was able to receive news that her sister survived but hopefully this gives the shipgirls that survive and the ones that rescued them thoughts to think about. That the only reason they survive was because of unsc enterprise intervention. Without her they would have died. Hopefully you explore the thoughts in Columbia and uss enterprise after the battle because they were the one that had there sisters almost died on them. I really want azur lane to address the issue with engaging with crimson axis Kansen. I just find it hard to believe that even after everything that the crimson axis has done, azur lane still holds back. I get it that Kansen are humanity last hope but what is the point of being humanity last hope if you end up at the sea floor because you refuse to go all out because of the no killing Kansen policy, makes no sense. Sorry for the rant but man I just feel insulting to me in how the azur lane Kansen act like prince of Wales. Especially when you know our world history in how our uss enterprise sunk many ijn ships to protect the U.S or how the Royal Navy hunted down Bismarck after the sinking of hood. Just listening to the azur lane counterparts is very insulting. I did like the way you portray the Sakura empire. It looks like there are a gray area to it, many Sakura Kansen are simply fighting for the empire for their beliefs, blind loyalty and honor. Then there are those that believe that what they are doing is wrong but is still loyal to the Sakura people but not the higher ups. Overall good chapter.
5/30 c8 Guest

Beep Boop
6/1 c8 chanceyhonorius
Oye imagínate que en vez de apareciera una chica nave del UNSC fuera una nave del Covenant.

Cómo sería en ese caso ¿Cuál sería su apariencia, o cuáles serían sus acciones?
5/31 c8 naufalrakha0104
Poor girl... She need a break...
5/31 c8 3Bum507
Glad to see this still alive. I just finished rereading and then it updated. Great chapter!
5/30 c8 10Richard Scepton
Has anyone been reading this while listening to Final Frontier by Thomas Bergenson?
5/30 c8 AnotherUser13
Great chapter as always, not much else to say, save that I am waiting for all posible interactions that UNSC!Enty suffer/experience given the multitude of characters/personalities, specially some of the destroyers, those will propably make her question if there is a Primary School nearby for the large amount of children on base. BTW, will the younger version of ships appear in this world, and if so, will they be canon to this story or are those relegated only to a sidestory/omake? Anyway, keep up the good work.
5/30 c8 1Jctherebel
Awesome chapter as usual
5/30 c8 Chaosgod3456
wooo hooo I cant wait for the next chapter I keep re-reading this story so many time I enjoy this story
5/30 c8 pedro117
heck this chapter what I can say is applause applause I love it a lot although although it is very depressing how the enterprise prefers to be opened by the ONI being sincere of all things halo I think the ones I hate the most are the ONI really I admit that the insurgents and the others are fine, but heck to open living aliens and other things like that give how the desire for ethics is rather enterprise, in reality it would be taken by the navy and not the ONI itself because it is still from the navy well it doesn't matter I loved the chapter being honest with myself I thought of infinity as the ship of humanity with all its spirit and power although if you put it it would be OP too OP
5/30 c8 3LightTrain
Great chapter, awaiting the next one
5/21 c7 Nitpicker420
Just a thought occurred to me, does the Cooler Enti posses energy shielding? The Broadswords very much do and since we are at the point the UNSC can reliably field energy shielding, was Enti refit with shields or is she stock?
4/6 c7 Guest
Good story so far! And your English is great sure there’s some errors, but nothing too unreadable.

Can’t wait for the next one! :3
3/6 c7 13 unlucky cows
I would like to say that I am loving the story so far. If I remember correctly then you had asked if anyone knew anything about the Epoch class carrier. I have recently found a video by MetaNerdz Lore about the Epoch class heavy carrier if that would interest you. Thanks for writing this wonderful story and I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
2/18 c7 Guest
I just want to say that Spartanhybrid's idea ain't that bad, you can make the mystery unsc ship either a repair vessel and maybe have a way to get yorktown back into the fight or have it be another epoch class so enterprise doesn't feel alone
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