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2/16 c2 9AMAZING EZ-8
i like the apperance, but i would think that enterprise's (unsc) would be like the gundam Dendrobium
if the other ship's rigging looks like a robotic suit, Enterprise's would be like a flying wepons platform
it's like a girl encased in a ton of armour and wepons
google the gundam dendrobium for referance
2/16 c7 AMAZING EZ-8
it would be hilarious if Enterprise mentioned her sister the Unsc akagi
this Unsc Epoch- class carrier found here:

where it participated in several battles
this is a good list of ships that are cannon
1/22 c7 2grifman275
I love this story! UNSC Enterprise is very much like Enty, thinking she is an instrument of war, the inevitability of fighting. It makes sense considering they are counterparts of each other, with UNSC Enterprise being perhaps even more jaded than Enty was in the anime. It makes sense since I think the covenant are bit more ruthless than the Sirens, who seem to like to play with their foes first rather than straight up obliterating things right away.

I hope they learn about her universe's situation and how bad of a spot her humanity is in. I love when other universes learn about each other, which is why I love crossovers. I wonder if she has any old earth movies or tvs shows stored on her, like from her former having there for entertainment. That could be some interesting cross cultural moments, and perhaps some bonding.

Overall, this story is epic and I look forward to seeing more of it. You really do a good job of focusing on the character's emotions. The part in chapter 6 with Enterprise verbally sparing with Enty over losing a sister was my favorite of these emotional character moments. Despite not being sapient when she lost her sister(s), Enterprise feels it etched onto her soul because of the wisdom cubes giving her life.
1/21 c3 grifman275
I love this! It's so hard to find a Azur Lane story that isn't smut or just pure romantic fluff. I hope she talks about her earth's past like ww2 and maybe the other Enterprises like CV-6, CVN-65, or CVN-80, maybe even the ye olde enterprises that were sailing ships. I love the Enterprise naming tradition.

For still learning english, you write pretty well with some minor mistakes.

Keep up the good work
1/11 c7 Guest
I love this story please write more
1/10 c7 Guest
great chapter
1/11 c5 Spartanhybrid1.5
You should add unsc cradle the repair ship she’s thought of as the unofficial mother of the base

UNSC Cradle was a refit station in service with the UNSC Navy attached to the Epsilon Eridani Fleet. Richard Lash's father served as a welder on the station. Cradle ultimately sacrificed itself during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV to protect the ships of its battle group. (Pulled this from the halofandom wiki page)


Harbor princesses rigging mixed with the appearance of tionishia from daily life with monster girl


Shy but willing to put herself in between the sirens and her adopted family

Outside of combat she’s is rather ditzy as compared to the rest of the girls in the group ( think the nurse in high school of the dead ) Being the adult in the group and feels it is her responsibility to take care of the “kids”.
1/8 c7 Guest
Update update update!
1/8 c7 Guest
Hmmm I bet that 'Super Battleship' is the other UNSC ship that the Sirens are trying to convert huh?
1/9 c7 TerrificPenelope85
Honestly, I'm totally agree as two reviewers had pointed out.

The Azur Lane is WAY TOO LENIENT on dealing with Crimson Axis. The latter had betrayed them, instigated the war between factions in first place and then they almost killed Cleveland, Hornet, and no one knows what happened to Columbia afterwards.

And yet they wanted non lethal approach? I often found this part in Azur Lane stories with Allies vs Axis setting and that includes Chronicles of Siren War where the first season bad guys are basically given the chance to get scot free from their consequences.

I know you don't probably want to piss Wehraboos and Imperialweebs but let's be real: Taking all their actions accounted, retaliating them to the point sinking/killing them ARE TOTALLY REASONABLE especially when they are working with Siren. To this point, they basically had declared themselves the enemy of entire humanity.

You better give UNSC Enterprise some jabs on their naive way of thinking in fighting against their former allies. If you change UNSC Enterprise from a veteran combat pragmatist into some sort of heroine who believes in power of friendship as Zero pointes below, then consider this as my only review.
1/9 c7 Just a random guy117
Another great chapter as I expected but I only have one problem and it’s azur lane approach in dealing its the crimson axis. The fact that nearly Cleveland and hornet almost died and Wales has the nerve to criticize UNSC enterprise for wanting retaliation. Honestly it’s kinda stupid and I wanted UNSC enterprise to tell her what if it was her sisters that were put into that position or in body bags because of the no sinking shipgirl policy. This could also affect humans and ship girl relations because why wouldn’t you be angry at your ship girls. The union ship girls are suppose to protect their people and nation first and foremost and if they can’t even do that because they are that weak will to retaliate then I could see their trust in them to start dwindling. I even bet UNSC enterprise would distance herself from them because their policy would contradict her goal in protecting humanity. I’m not saying in having azur lane and UNSC enterprise go no mercy on them but at least have them retaliate against and even take down their shipgirl or two just to send them a message that they aren’t go to take it laying down. Another thing is to have UNSC enterprise explain her hatred for them as they would be compare to insurrectionist back home.
1/9 c7 43Avro 683 Lancaster
finally you are going to put her in fight against the Sakura empire
It won't be a fight, it will be a massacre
1/9 c7 2Zone-Meister
This fic has potential and it's competently written.

That is the only good thing i will say about. From chapter 6 onwards it goes down the drain, with moronic statements such as Azur Lane not being allowed to sink traitor KANSEN because of some stupid, sentimental reason while the traitors are under no such rule. Gotta support those shippers after all. Even if a Sakura or Ironblood KANSEN nukes a city, an idiotic shill like you would find ways to support them.

Chapter 7 gets even stupider, with PoW saying that UNSC Enty is too violent. No shit you useless moron, traitors ought to be destroyed and despised, not pitied. Even worse is the fact that the all of the traitors shown, the Crane Sisters, Takao, Atago and others, all willingly followed their orders despite knowing them to be wrong. I guess all a murderer or a genocidal Nazi/Imperialist has to do is to have a pretty face to avoid punishment.

Ohh and by the way, that whole "following orders" shtick went out of fashion during the Nuremberg trials.

Beyond this idiocy, the story is predictable. In the end, everyone is forgiven, UNSC Enty becomes a weakling who uses the power of friendship and everyone lives happily ever after!.

Wait...what crimes ohhh i am am sure the Sakura and Ironblood sold themselves out like whores and fought with the Sirens...but you know, by the power of love from my author's ass all is forgiven.
1/8 c7 Robbie2413
So what about Columbia? Was she left behind as a result of Cleveland's actions?
1/8 c7 4Spartastic 4
So while the Google Docs did do a good job in making spelling and grammar checks, rereading the actual chapter would do wonders better. Throughout this chapter there were many sentences that either words were out of place or not the correct word entirely. Even if you finish it and want to post it, take a few hour break and then reread it for any such mistakes that a computer can over look because it “makes sense to them.”

This was an amazing chapter never the less though. Plenty of action and characterization. Only problem with this chapter was when you were at CV-6 and Prince of Wales PoV when they laded planet side. That part was a bit... scattered. It just didn’t describe them getting off the Pelican too well. Either that or I was just too damn tired when I reread the first little section.

Anyway, hope to see more soon. Best of luck in your endeavors.
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