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for Love has two sides

7/13 c15 Guest
Oww... I felt so bad when they got mad at each other in the last chapter. But right now I can't help but feel a bit excited for those two working together
5/29 c13 Guest
And here I thought I was going to have my happy chapter hahaha
5/27 c13 33Filisgirl251
oh boy
5/10 c12 Guest
You can't do that hahaha. I've been wanting that kiss since the second chapter and now you're leaving me like this? Hahaha
5/6 c12 Filisgirl251
Enjoying your story. Keep it up
4/23 c11 Guest
Seriously, I've never enjoyed reading a chapter so much. I love it!
4/22 c11 StoriesNMore
I am still obsessed with this story. I love the thing where Brine's mother was Thranduil's fiancée!
4/12 c10 Guest
I can't be more in love with those two!
4/9 c10 Fair Helen
4/7 c9 Guest
Finally everything is discovered! But it's a pity that Fili is angry with her...
3/23 c8 Guest
I can't wait to read the next chapter! Will she be okay?
3/23 c7 Guest
Lovely !
2/28 c6 Guest
I'm sorry for the delay! Oh I really enjoy the singing scene. I can't wait for Fili to discover Brine!
2/20 c5 Guest
Oh my god! You can't be serious about that! Fili likes Zirb?! No way! You'll kill me if that is true! Can't wait for next week chapter
2/12 c4 Guest
Yes! She has finally admitted it! I can't wait to see their romance growing.
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