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for Deathspell - Ignore chapter headings

3/26 c7 5purlysurly
So, I'm intrigued by the concept of this story (though there's still much unknown) and I certainly appreciate the time, effort and courage it takes to post a story. Can I ask, do you have a pre-reader? I think that would benefit this story a great deal in terms of continuity, inconsistencies and pacing. Thank you for writing
3/8 c29 Guest
100% completely lost with this story. I get the concept but it’s too jumpy with no flow it’s like two or even three stories in one. Also peoples names change for example when Bella was on the phone to Billy (presuming it was him) they called each other Bella?
If found this poorly written and so very confusing.
3/1 c22 LovelyRob
Really want to know what’s up with Edward, don’t see any live/romance any time soon.
2/26 c19 Bennyjo4
Thank you for the updates. I hope we will find out what is going on with Edward soon.
2/23 c15 Kasey Jones
Why does this say complete when it is no where near complete?
2/19 c14 Elsie
Please continue this story it’s awesome and I’m really curious to find out what’s going to happen. So please carry on!
2/13 c15 LovelyRob
Kind of missing the storyline a bit, to many plots and a bit much to piece together. Would also like some kind of “sign” when changing scenes or settings, like when Bella was with Bree and suddenly she is in some sort of dream/trance?! More often updates to be able to remember everything, still loving it ️
2/4 c14 5ImmortalGoddess76
I really am disappointed this story is marked as completed when it isn't. I do not like to read unfinished stories that could take someone more then a year to finish. You really should change it and try to finish this story up before others are also offended it was not a finished story.
1/28 c8 shannon30033
Well, Jake seems nice and relatively normal. Maybe he will tell her what the hell is going on in the Cullen house.
1/28 c7 shannon30033
There are a lot of plot points going on here...I do like the ghosts, though.
1/26 c1 Tc
What does IFB mean?
1/25 c4 Guest
Intriguing story, can’t wait till next update 3
1/26 c7 2MyBabyBlues
Interesting story so far. I’m curious to who Isobel is? Bella said she was going to ask her about the door. Did you mean Carmen? Possibly it’s me and my ADD and I truly don’t remember. Anyway, I’m going to keep reading. Thanks for sharing.
1/26 c9 LovelyRob
Good to get some Alice, feels like Bella need it. Perhaps Bella and Edward will break the spell together and release Arinas ghost?
1/26 c6 LovelyRob
Would very much like to know what goes on in the head of Edward, does he know things that Bella doesn’t?
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