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for Legend of Squad RWBY

5/10 c4 mahogany agony
wait wait wait

so let me get this right

basically, you grabbed everything that gave rwby it's identity, removed it, gave it a warframe coat of paint, and put it back together?

... huh. doesn't seem bad so far. just really really weird. dunno how to feel about that. guess i'll just keep reading then.
2/7 c5 valguienmas
I like it when crossovers are more a blend of two (or more) dimensions than JUST a crossover. So I won't say I find this story uninteresting.

However, is still too soon to say if I will like it or not.
Then again, the Stranger seems interesting on itself.
1/23 c1 Guest
Personally, I've never been a fan of this type of crossover. Still, doesn't seem... Too bad, I guess? Just very, VERY, short. I won't really be following this, but good luck.

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