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7/11/2022 c2 Ellixwolf
I hate Loretta the entitlement she just spores out is unbelievable and just plain disgusting doesn't deserve to clean the dirt of the bottom of my shoe with her tongue.
Callie owes her absolutely nothing and its terrible that Callie thinks she deserves it when she has done nothing wrong. Now tho we see peoples true colors.
Also why do I feel like Albus and all the other corrupted powerful people wanted Callie to go for this exact reason why not mention to Professor Moody hey we have a student and for this reason we don't say her name. I know its not really Moody its instead a fellow follower or Voldemort's but again he could've or you written it where he can manipulate her in another way unless he's doing the whole teaching of
"Constant Vigilance" with Potter tho Callie seems to be really into getting ahead of herself maybe we could see her do wordless and wand less magic.
I hate the teachers here they have no care for the students like they let all this going on ignoring it for the favor of an event or some insignificant aspect.
Also the fact that no one from the Golden trio is being helpful especially Harry is again pathetic see how he is after being out casted for a while.

Maybe we'll see Callie and Neville become good friends personally I enjoy His character so much. With Vallie being more open to Draco now more than ever will we be seeing some change in Him more so coming to terms with being a better person or it was mentioned how the Slytherins were in fact nicer and more protective they get it being mostly seen as "Evil"
Also another thing would Callie have met Charlie Weasley or just heard of him and he of her via cousins and stories?

But again its the Wizarding World is soon to be at War its what they admire most more so not just personality. These kids are trying to survive so what I want to see is are more so welcoming and kind while the other have wants to gain more power or favor within their families and dark lord.

Really hope to see you update soon I'm so into this book and your writing I just love the details and how well the characters are expressed I felt Callie and was just able to brought in and capture the whole scene as if physically there myself which I love. I know this hasn't been updated in so long but here's to hoping maybe you'll come back and continue this cause book there's so much I want to know whats going to happen next.
7/10/2022 c1 Ellixwolf
Ive never found one where Bellatrix seems to be her Mother I'm going to assume also I cannot deal with how the Weasley are as a family sometimes since some of there 'Pranks' can be seen an bullying or just the plain prejudice between houses.
i can definitely see where Sirius and Her could get along tho and Im sure if Regulus was still alive He too would try to protect her.
Really going to see how her friendship or any relationship will go forward it's honestly terrible how everyone just goes along others opinion instead of forming their own.
I've always seen the Villains kid with George and the kind one with Fred at least the ones that get my attention.
5/13/2021 c2 XOXMaximumcullenXOX
this looks to be really interesting! hope you continue to update
11/5/2020 c1 Parrysejai
Fantastic first chapter
1/23/2020 c1 Guest
Update immediately, please!U pdate immediately, please!
1/23/2020 c1 Guest
This looks good!

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