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for The Reincarnation of Darth Vader, Second Coming of the Dark Lord

8/25 c2 SephirothTrueHeartlessAngel
interesting concept...where's the rest?
8/23 c1 Guest
Seems like you have a hard on for Sasuke in most of your fics. According to you, Naruto is in the wrong for trying to apprehend Sasuke when he attempted to defect from the village to Orochimaru. You do know Sasuke became a traitor when he did that, right? It doesn’t matter what your reason is, actions have consequences. He was a soldier, and he attempted to defect. That makes Sasuke a traitor. Naruto, regardless of how stupid or pathetic his reasoning was, was in the right for trying to apprehend him. If I joined the military, and attempted to defect to get revenge, I’d still be tried in court for defecting. People can sympathize and shit, but I’d still be held accountable for my actions.
6/25 c2 Guest
It's Sasuke Uchiha not Satsuki Uchiha!
6/20 c2 Guest
Great story so far, I wonder if tsunade will join the sith to make it up to naruto. Seems like she’d give into the hatred pretty quick. I can’t wait for the next chapter
6/20 c2 Guest
Great story so far, I wonder if tsunade will get into the sith she seems like she’d give into the hate pretty quick. But I can’t wait for the next chapter
3/24 c2 18Pink ranger 13
Its a great story and please continue the story !
3/18 c1 sammykordy10
Are you going to update this
2/14 c2 4Kmon13

You've outdone yourself writing this up...

I was surprised by what you did in chapter one but what you did here in chapter two was had me wonder what else you had planned after unleashing a clone army, rebuilding a sith empire that would make Tenebrae/Lord Vitiate, Darth Sidious, and Malak green with envy at what Naruto as the Reborn Vader achievements.

I also applaud what you've done with Hinata's part in the story as Heir to Mandalorian's legacy and overseeing the training of the clone army after her clan's betrayal, and the assassination attempt on the Hyuga Elders (and looking forward to the closing) along with the deaths of Asuma Choji and Ino which I hope wakes Sakura up (If she not dead already) and look forward to reading when they along with those who made Naruto's life hell learn Konoha's end will soon come at the hands of a demon not made from Chakra but one from their own creation fueled with rage and empowered by the fury of the Dark Side.

In short, this story was great to read and look forward to seeing how long you could extend the Elemental nation's torment before revealing the hand of the Sith Empire slowly choking the life from their throats.
2/2 c1 Guest
Not to be mean but do you know what reincarnation mean? If he was his reincarnation then they were one from the weary begining not two different people.
2/1 c2 Peter Kim
Akatsuki, Madara and Obito is so screwed!
2/2 c2 TehStorm
Nice story so far,tough when are you going to continue the story where naruto is zeref and hermione is mavis?I would love to see voldemort realizing he is face to face with the ultimate dark lord.
1/30 c2 Guest
Update fast
1/28 c2 T-wrecks13
(Sidious voice) I see that the successor of the Sith is coming along splendidly. Soon all these fools shall know the power of the force, and kneel before the reborn Sith Empire! Hahahaha hahahaha!
1/28 c2 Michael
Interesting that now Konoha finally sees what they had, but were too foolish to take advantage of.

You know the old saying: you never know what you have until its gone, and Konoha took Naruto for granted.

Glad Mikoto and Hitomi tried helping Naruto, but you should also put Teuchi and Ayame in that category, since they were really the first people to accept Naruto for who he is, not what he contained.

Hope Ayame,Haruna, Toki, Shion, princess Kasumi, and if she isn't dead Fu are joining Naruto.
1/28 c1 Michael
Great opening chapter.

The majority of Konoha will feel the wrath of Vader, and I look forward to it.

Though, I'm a little surprised you don't have the Fuuma girls, Isaribi, or Guren helping Naruto.
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