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9/9 c6 3intata
This is very good. Exceptional stuff.

I only had one issue with it, but it's very much a personal lack of patience, rather than anything you did. I found myself skipping a lot of the early chapters. I believe I skipped the entirety of chapter 2? Or was that 3? Where Percy went through the memories of the dead people. It made a ton of sense, but I could see what you were doing with it almost immediately, and just went straight for the fun parts.

I imagine I'll be doing something similar for all of your "recap" moments, since they didn't really add to the plot - and could have been summed up in a few sentences. However I imagine they were fun to read for a bunch of others. I'm just impatient.

Looking forward to more!
8/27 c2 IanOfTheG
Is Mando’a Greek for Percy?
8/26 c6 R
The story is decent, but as a stsr wars fan, some mistakes irk me.

First: Dude... the actis interceptor was a POS deathtrap. NO sheild or armor. It was produced largely for the Jedi because they stripped out most of the electronics to make it lighter, seeing as the jedi could use the force, though there was a variant of that could accomadate us mere mortals. It was the precursor to the TIE. If you wanted a decent snub fighter for the mando'a, you could have had him go to Seinar systems for an X-Wing. Hell, cutting down and/or upgrading an ARC-170 could work, and its even been done by Jaina Solo before in the EU.

Second: The crossguard lightsaber is an idiotic concept. You cant swing it around without the risk of cutting off your own damn fingers, or cutting open your torso. And dont even get me STARTED on how that imbecile Kylo used it in the movies. There was so much fail in that throne room battle, that im suprised you had the audacity to actually take anything from that.

Third: Look up duel-wielding. The sword and dagger combo is well-established. The dagger is oft used to catch an attack, and the sword responds with a strike in the same movement. Unless of course you want hin to use the weapons like a traditional samurai style: one at a time, The longer for most cases, the shorter for narrow spaces and close-in work.

The inroduction of Revan/Nox was interesting, though i am worried as to why you felt the need to genderbend HIM. That rarely bodes well. Still, im somewhat interested in how you progress this.
7/15 c6 Jasper123
Great chapter. Can’t wait for the update.
Is Percy going to be paired with multiple girls or just one?
7/12 c6 Johnsmythe2oo2
7/11 c6 Billy Bob Joe 23
This is the point in the story where he leaves for like 5 years isn't it?
7/10 c6 Falconfighter1427
This is an amazing story I WANT MORE!
7/10 c6 The great gamer
This was a great chapter. But I’m wondering how when we catch up to clone wars percey will be around the Jedi or how the situation will go down when they serve his power
7/10 c6 18IAmOutOfIdeas
I NEED MORE! Excellent story so far! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
7/10 c6 Johnsmythe2oo2
7/9 c5 IAmOutOfIdeas
Alright, the previous chapter was darker than I expected. I wasn’t expecting a little girl to be raped
7/9 c4 IAmOutOfIdeas
I have no idea why more people haven’t read and reviewed this story, it’s amazing! Keep up the excellent work!
7/6 c6 20Death Fury
excellent chapter
7/6 c6 Hadrian.Caeser
7/6 c6 Guest
Good chapter!
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