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for Sire (EN)

2/9/2020 c1 Prolix
Hmmggg it's amazing 3 all emotional and hot and everything
1/25/2020 c1 49Prophetic Fire
Ohhhhhh I really love this! I love how Viren loses himself in picturing Sarai, tries so hard to imagine it's her instead. Her scent, her hair, her taste. There's such a deep undercurrent in this of history, of longing for the past, of the story of Viren and Harrow and Sarai; I can really feel the way that influences this present moment. The fact that none of the sex here is very explicit, and instead just implied, really helps give it that feeling of depth and history, I think. I do appreciate how even though it's not Sarai, Viren is still courteous to the maid, making sure she's enjoying herself and trying to help her be comfortable afterward. And I love, LOVE too how Aaravos watches him, teasing, judging, before vanishing and leaving Viren completely alone. Oh and the "spearhead" line, yesss, really ties everything together. This was so great; thank you!

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