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for Extra History: The Silver Chancellor

9/29 c4 GivMeReads
Please continue this its great
9/24 c4 Guest
It's so good! I would like to see you continue this story!
9/17 c4 3RyanIslidur
I hope you continue the story especially since the fanfiction it is based on is now completed
8/31 c1 123ABIR123
So is this story dead? You should continue writing it as it was very good.
8/11 c4 3strangerwager
safe to say, its dead
8/6 c4 Blackholelord
Okay I have to say that I am liking this report-like story, it gives a unique look into the storyline of one of my favorite stories that I hope will one day be completed.
7/7 c4 Guest
6/28 c4 Jack
I really want more. This has been a joy to read.
4/23 c4 Guest-007
Re-reading this, really enjoyed it. Many thanks for extra history.
4/19 c4 Guest
Can’t wait for an update this is too good
4/18 c4 Guest
This is honestly amazing; any plans of continuing it?
4/16 c1 Dunc4
I love this, can’t wait to get to some of the iconic moments from the story. That being said, it isn’t a summary so to say, as a look at the history of Tanya herself. It will be interesting to see how accurate things are, or if the narrator really has all the facts.
4/5 c4 4Greatazuredragon
This is a fun little idea.
2/27 c4 11Director Kun
You should do one arm chair historian style
2/25 c4 2sure I don't care
This is great. Hope you write more like this.
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