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3/14/2022 c7 allibrks
I mean... that's just a *chef kiss* ending, no?
3/14/2022 c2 allibrks
This just may be, the best piece of fiction written in the King of Fighters universe ever made. Ryo deserved that stun gun to the jimmies, honestly!

... bet he only likes the missionary position, and only on alternating Thursdays.
7/5/2020 c1 EmpressMileenaMK
Are you a Ryo hater? Right?
7/5/2020 c7 EmpressMileenaMK
I really dislike this fic.
Mainly because you make Ryo like the bad guy.

I am old fashion but it is a shame people write bad about people like me.
Well, I am done with your fics.
2/16/2020 c7 132jojoDO
So this is how the great "Ryo Arc" I asked for so long finally plays out. It ends with Ryo and King in a situation even less than friendship. Be careful what I wish for, right? XD

Welp, this is exactly the kind of thing King needs: a sound state of mind, if nothing else. I'm not happy with the decision to put Ryo in this...role...but I do look at the bright side, which is that King managed to turn it to her favor and use it as entertainment lol. So, they're not friendly, but at least she's not angry. And I wish Marygate had been brought up.

So...LOL at that ending. But Ryo still didn't get a word in edgewise about ANYTHING. So...your Ryo hating is showing lol. Guy can't win.

And I guess nothing else to say but I'm glad King has her gals with her, and Yuri the pothead with her Willy Wonka assortment of scrumdillyumptious weed snacks lol. All is not right, but all is normal.

King carries on.
2/14/2020 c7 52RobertCop3
Just like with "Hurt," you ended it the best way you could. A part of me was worried that King was gonna relapse. But instead, we get a beautiful reminder that whatever ups or downs she will continue to experience, she has true friends... nay, SISTERS who will always be there for her and never judge.

And it seems she is growing from this experience, moving closer to the person she wants to be. I loved that she refused the edibles from Yuri, even though she knew her friend meant well.

And also... I can't relate to King's crimson tide incident, but I know people who can sympathize with her. My wife's came unexpectedly once, and she lost not only her underwear, but a pair of pajama pants she really liked. So that being said, I'm glad that King was not wearing the tacosaurus panties.

And then that conversation between her and Ryo... where we know she's gonna be okay because she makes it clear she doesn't need his approval. And I have to be honest... at first I thought King was gonna catapult that bit of ice cream at Ryo's face, but what happened instead... was SO much better. Have fun processing that one, Ryo! I imagine in his mind, it doesn't even matter that Vanessa was on a break.

And Mai drinking beer... I've seen that in KoF games, but I'm glad it was referenced here. I should have her drink more of it in my own fanfic.

Once again, Illy gives us another day in the life of King. And honestly, the titles of each chapter and the decision to use character POVs reminded me of the Game of Thrones books. So, yeah, this was a lot of fun to read start to end. Well done!
2/13/2020 c7 iwewia
This. Is. Amazing! I absolutely adore it when King gets sassy and the ending was pure gold but let's slow down a bit and talk about the whole chapter before the climax.

The way you write periods being normal is something to admire. Women's bodies aren't this huge mystery to solve, it just happens. Here we have Mai and King carrying on with their plans (and surprises) and it's so fresh to read in a fic!

The first sign of King being in a better place was her not turning down this idea of a sleepover after such stressful days. As someone who struggles with depression, even if you like the idea of spending time with friends, it can seem so tiring to actually do it. And she did! And she is not relying on alcohol or Yuri's candies!

Now, her owning it... Vanessa's appearance ties so well with this "confession". King's also an adult, being slut-shamed is something common unfortunately due to the taboos surrounding sex. It was so hurtful to have an incident rubbed in her face but she is reclaiming her power. If that's enough to have Ryo think less of her, fine. He'll taste his own poison in her words. This is the revenge she alluded to: smart, fun and thankfully not as destructive as her heated thoughts first outlined it.

Your King is a delight to read in any of her moods. If we get more chances to see her being the sassy queen she can be, we'll welcome them with open arms.
2/8/2020 c6 RobertCop3
I liked this chapter a lot. Always nice to see Mary interact with King or Vanessa. It figures she'd be good friends with bis. She's very in touch with her masculine side.

As always, their back-and-forth was a joy to read. And just as we got a better look inside Ryo's head, we now get a better look inside Mary's head. I mean, we've always known she and King were close, but this might be the first time in one of your fics that she's ever called King "lady-bro soulmate" out loud. Plus, she's been there for King since the beginning, and keeps seeing the highs and lows. I'm sure it's gotta be tiring.

Though I do have to agree with Jojo on one small thing. After the stungun thing, and shooting her actual gun, what Ryo did could easily be construed as self-defense.

Can't wait to see how this wraps up.
2/7/2020 c6 132jojoDO
Great chapter, illy! I clap. Everything just flowed so greatly here, probably because these are all characters that naturally click on account of them being on a team together in canon. But anyways, everyone here was brimming with character and all three had great dynamic. I especially love Seth talking about getting home to wifey to binge a show, because that's what loving couples do! That's what my parents do lol. And Vanessa talking about her kid and "hubs"... hahahahaha. That just feels too perfect for her. TOO perfect. The word "hubs" just FITS her. ; )

Anyways, I ramble lol. Let's focus on Mary and V. Their energy, their dynamic here is GREAT. Both spunky, outspoken, quick with sass and aggressive wit. It was a... decent... step for Mary to admit her fault, but I didn't expect her to be humble enough to go all the way, and she didn't. For the record, my stance on this is firm: Mary started it by zapping him, something you can't do to people just because they irk you. And he may have "hit her first", but she zapped him with a freakin taser, threatened him with a gun, and discharged the gun in public (that alone is way over the line). So... yeah. He swept her leg and tried to walk away. SHE went at him a second time. Sorry Mary, you got no case here : /

Let's attempt to get back to Mary and V again LOL. I just think they mixed very well, both standing equal ground in their sass and assertiveness. And I found it incredibly amusing they could both CHUCKLE after calling each other "bitch" (do I just not understand this type of humor? I guess I'm a giant pussy xD)

Lastly, I always forget what a tragic case Mary herself is. When I hear her talking about Xanny, I feel like she keeps that around for herself too... : c anyways, great chapter. I enjoyed it.
2/7/2020 c5 52RobertCop3
Once again, you're too fast for me! Next chapter went up before I could get this done! Nothing can stop Illy, it seems. I wonder who would win in fight between her and the Duke of Earl. ( ;

This one was interesting. We have two characters who don't interact much having a serious conversation, and the end result was very engaging. So, yet another person in the know about what happened tells Ryo he needs to get with the program, albeit with less force than Mary, but still driving the point home.

So we get a better understanding of Ryo's thought process. And I don't agree with it, but we still got clarity in this chapter. And I love how Athena didn't even need to read his thoughts to know the answer to the question she asked about Yuri. The boy does have a lot to learn.

Onto the next chapter!
2/7/2020 c6 iwewia
This one really brings a whole new perspective to the series so far. The last chapters had a huge focus on Ryo from all the characters involved - like his orange attire is the sun itself and every one else demoted to planets. Vanessa finding out about the Situation sheds some light from someone who was actually involved with King in what Sakazaki-san would probably go nuts over.

Vanessa has the info, the experience and the empathy to understand what those words from Ryo meant. Mary's explanation has the hint of fatigue in it as she speaks. I particularly liked the sun setting for their conversation, it adds a filter of warmth to their conversation and honestly reads like a movie scene.

Miss Nessa's dirty mind is so fun to read (and be read by Mary), making her character, that I could classify as an overachiever and great multitasker, a lot more relatable. I still hope Vanessa and King can develop their relationship. It was complicated, yes, but it had a healing factor to it.
2/4/2020 c5 132jojoDO
Now THIS was a decisive chapter. I feel like the words here were the most... you know... vital. Whereas previous chapters we've had this and that, "wtf"s and "you bastard"s, but here... somebody actually took the time to listen to Ryo, instead of yelling, screaming, bitching, telling him to shut up, tasing him, breaking his fingers, etc.

Good on Athena to finally be the one to just hash it out. I feel like nobody else has given Ryo that courtesy. And well... I guess he is caught in his ways. I definitely disagree with him, and I guess what everyone fears is... well... it's true. I can't deny it anymore. I feel like I understand Ryo now. FINALLY. And I finally understand enough to disagree with him, whereas in the past, I guess I was still confused on the matter, and not enough reasoning was being done, because of all the verbal attacks and... that fucking mess with Mary.

I get Ryo now. And... I still sympathize with him, because he can't help the way he is, just like you or me or the next guy can't MAKE themselves be different. Because they just ARE. And for the record, this still doesn't warrant Marygate :P

Welp... guess we'll see how this plays out.
2/4/2020 c5 iwewia
Ooh! Miss Athena's comeback stage at Illy's! Of course she would have an input on all of this!

Alright, I was actually hoping that with Ryo and Athena sharing japanese ancestry they could probably have a conversation that would enlighten him a little bit but it's just not clicking for him... It seems like he does have a lot to learn indeed. What's interesting is that when Athena felt that there could be something deeper causing him to judge King I was expecting her to read him for filth and be all smug like "you need to learn how to get over a crush in a healthy way, mister".

One thing I'd like to point out is how your narration changes when you write from other characters' point of view. You've been exploring this in the last few chapter but I felt it (heh) a bit more with Athena: it's light-hearted in spite of the heavy themes.
2/4/2020 c4 jojoDO
D'awwwwwwww. King/Jean chapters are always so heartwarming and just... slice-of-life goodness. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

I don't feel like much really ADVANCED, since... King sorta gave him the runaround near the end. She gave him a vague suggestion, that "someone" had said "something" and that's all he got out of her lol. But that doesn't matter. The end result is that spending time with her little brother is always therapeutic and refreshing for her, and she probably feels tons better just from having a french fry skirmish with him xD

Seriously tho. This chapter was really cute. The food shenanigans, the annoyed people... (they LOVE getting people's attention, don't they xD) and the inappropriate jokes, it all just really came together in a big fluffy cloud. So good stuff there. Really warmed my insides ; )

Looking forward to whoever is next!
2/3/2020 c4 52RobertCop3
I was not your typical 12-year-old, so I'm a poor judge. If anything, I was probably less mature than Jean at that age. But as always, I love the dynamic between him and King. They feel like a brother and sister, and this chapter provided some much needed relief. It was a great balance of serious and also of these two being siblings.

Can't wait to see who the last two are.
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