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5/27 c9 6Daxxers
Off to Icewind Dale? This is good alternative timeline story. Good writing.
5/27 c9 31penny4him
Oh, the mushrooms! LOL. Poor Drizzt! And the part with the kitten(s) was so adorable!

It was cool to read this alternate reality for Drizzt and Catti-brie. The ending is satisfying and leaves room for so many possibilities. Thank you for sharing your writing.
5/18 c8 penny4him
Interesting exchange between Artemis and Drizzt after their skirmish. And with Drizzt and Catti-brie, there are so many possibilities. Looking forward to reading more when posted.
5/18 c7 penny4him
:) Great last line. I love how Drizzt is gaining confidence throughout this chapter.
5/17 c6 penny4him
"It was only a matter of seconds before he had completely forgotten about his injury." - Well, no wonder! LOL.

And the plot thickens...
5/17 c5 penny4him
"But the more he practiced, the more the sword felt like a limb he’d forgotten he’d had. Like an extension of his own arm. Like it was supposed to have been there all his life." - Very nice.

I loved that little exchange where Drizzt tells Cattie-brie that he wants two swords!

Interested to see where this is going. I'm enjoying it very much.
5/17 c4 penny4him
Not sure how I feel about Vierna being on the surface too, but finally Drizzt has a scimitar. ;)
5/17 c3 penny4him
[quote] "This is the most fun I've had in a long while," Catti-brie said as they stepped onto the bridge.

Drizzt glanced up at her in surprise, suppressing a grin. "You injured yourself," he pointed out. "You could have died."

"Ah, it's nothin'. I got to fly today. Worth it, I'd say." [/quote]

Love it! They are so cute together. And I like how he helps her with no thought as to whether he should do so or not.
5/17 c1 penny4him
Oh, my heart. Poor little Drizzt. At least things seem a bit hopeful now.
4/27 c8 6Daxxers
Your version of Artemis intrigues me. Good chapter.
4/12 c7 Daxxers
poor Gandar. nice to see his sister is back. looking forward to more.
3/31 c6 Daxxers
good chapter. liked the fight scene and a timely use of faerie fire.
I kike how you have shown that even in someone's embrace, Drizzt cans still feel lonely.
3/1 c5 Daxxers
I like meeting these characters in another time-line. Good story!
2/20 c4 Daxxers
very good chapter. looking forward to more.
2/17 c1 1Yeeter of Eberron
Amazing! Great job!
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