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for Don't Give Up On Me

7/29 c8 Eli
I love this. I def can see Troy being that kind of dad. Thank you for creating this
4/8 c5 9zacefronlvr14
***All of you gave me the motivation to finish this story and I will. 3
4/5 c4 Ruby
Hey! Sorry to bother you, please continue cause I am really enjoying this! I hope Troy and Gabi get together by the end of this and it ends on a happy ending. Stay safe!
1/31 c3 Elle
Hey! Love this story and I hope you continue it! I'm really interested in seeing conflict resolution between Troy and Gabriella over what happened between them xx
1/27 c1 pumpkinking5

Troy left Gabby for Sharpay! They were in living in Oregon a place Gabby didn't think she will see Troy again.

What a shock for the both of them especially Troy seeing Rosie with Gabby. I don't think he expected to see Gabby with a child.

Now, both of them are at a crossroads. what happens next?

Great job!
1/27 c2 pumpkinking5

I really enjoyed this story!

This chapter really showed Gabby has grown up and is protective of Rosie. She doesn't know why he wants to talk to her after he left her. I wonder if she knows Troy wanted to see Sharpay? Yet, it seems Gabby was pregnant when Troy left her.

Now, all of them are living in Oregon. Chad is living with his son Aid to be close to his parents. Troy is helping Chad. Troy wants to talk to Gabby. She didn't want to, but Rosie cemented the deal with her answer to Gabby.

Curious to see what happened between Sharpay and Troy.

Great job!
1/27 c2 Guest
Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are like two halves of a singular chapter. Chapter 1 kinda ends suddenly. Chapter 2 starts a bit awkwardly. They would probably bee better combined. On another note, I'm really interested in seeing some background on these characters and what got them to this point. Why is Troy is desperate (so desperate that Gabriella's daughter pities him)? Why was he such an asshole in the first place? "Don't hate me but I don't love you" isn't a good way to end a relationship. Can't wait for an update.

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