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for Forever Young

10/15 c10 5scoffie05
Wow.. I'm so glad we finally got to have a glimpse into Lincoln's animosity towards Michael. I really do think it's about time for these two brothers to talk it out, in a civil manner. I hope that Lincoln can see past that and have a heart-to-heart with Michael considering he is the older one. And Michael, I'm assuming with an LLI in this store, lacks emotional intelligence. Eeehhhhh! So happy that Michael shared that with Sara, I love how he's opened up to her despite not being together, would definitely like to see more MiSa interractions! Great chapter! Cannot wait for the next one xx
10/14 c10 8yoshiluvsHxM
Thank you for the update!
10/14 c10 BrooklyninRosewood
I loved this chapter, you capture teenage Michael/Sara so well
10/3 c9 yoshiluvsHxM
This chapter made me think of a song by Alec Benjamin named "Boy in the bubble" Not the same situation but the same vibe...
10/2 c9 BrooklyninRosewood
Ahh, can’t wait for the next update, love love your stories!
10/2 c9 5scoffie05
O.M.G. this chapter has changed my perspective of Michael and Lincoln’s relationship.. definitely refreshing to peak into Lincoln’s animosity towards Michael and I hope we see more of that. Can’t believe Lincoln for a second felt bad for punching Mike but there we go... it’s always the quiet ones.. lol. If I was Lincoln I’d be hella scared! I hope Michael talks to Sara or vice versus, she can just turn up to his place I guess lol...

BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS UPDATE! I can’t wait for the next chapter x
9/28 c8 BrooklyninRosewood
What happened to Michael? Love it when you update x
9/28 c8 scoffie05
First of all... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MICHAEL! :O I swear if Lincoln or Gretchen had anything to do with it, I will riot. And wtf was Lincoln talking about, Sara made it clear she wanted to be friends only. Ugh I detest those kind of boys in real life, it’s so off putting..

I need an update like tomorrow PLEASE! What will it take? :) but seriously, can’t wait to find out what happened to Michael so I’m soooo looking forward to the update x
9/18 c7 BrooklyninRosewood
Omg I have a few things to say/ask after reading this Chapter 1) does Aldo murder Michael's foster father in this story? 2) does Michael have the brain tumour like he had in the show? 3) please update soon? 4) does he lose his toes/burn his back like the show? 5) you portray teenage Michael/Sara sooo well 6) am loving this story though
Sorry if this is long haha
9/17 c7 scoffie05
Yeeey an update! I love how you’ve written Michael, independent and completely untouchable. In the sense that he has no care in the world and is just living his life. I am quite curious to find out the reason behind Lincoln’s animosity towards Michael so I do look forward to finding out. Can’t wait for the next one :)
9/13 c6 scoffie05
Looooooooveeeee it! Good for Sara, standing up for what she wants and not bowing to anyone! Can't wait for the next chapter x
9/8 c5 Guest
really good. excited for the next chapter!
9/4 c5 ABowlofMushroomSoup
The following message was brought to you by a collective three sleep deprived brain cells:

I will slap. If you make anything bad happen to my babies I wil p. I love you, and treasure your writing, but I will slap.

For some reason I don’t want Michael’s heartbeat to be as quiet as his “impassive mask”. I enjoy a fair amount of juxtaposition.

Let’s have Michael and Sara bail on the Beehive. Queen bee and the Beehive will most certainly not be(e) a good mix with this tentative friendship-acquaintance thing they’ve so slowly built.

Would it be inappropriate to request murder befall teenaged Gretchen? Or maybe just gouge her eyes out (it’d be all meaningful and philosophical because she’s purposefully blind to other people’s feelings etc*). Perhaps a school transfer. Or maybe it’s all a hallucination and Sara just needs some sleep. According to a study I read, after just three or four nights without sleep and you can begin to hallucinate.

*take a page out of the Tragic Hero figure in literature. Hamlet’s a tragic hero. Symbolism. So cool. Also, “Ophelia's death symbolizes a life spent passively tolerating Hamlet's manipulations and the restrictions imposed by those around her, while struggling to maintain the last shred of her dignity.” I mean. Your use of Shakespeare was wonderful. But this analysis kinda takes away the fun of wanting Michael to be Hamlet, so let’s just kill—
9/3 c5 Atkq
I'm really enjoying this and interested in where it's going to go and how it will all play out.
9/1 c5 8danecross
Michael is so getting a pounding for beating Lincoln in the race. Will it turn out like a high school version of the Abruzzi scene where he loses toes but something about his conviction and how he handles the aftermath earns him his brother's grudging respect? Does he live alone as an emancipated teen? Would that mean he has to go home injured and deal with the damage on his own? IN the show he was always relying on his high pain tolerance to hide any physical injury. And he would just keep going until he physically couldn't leaving him to the mercy of whoever was around. It killed me that time in the show when he won if he could just get away. But the head issue he had been ignoring finally caused him to collapse and it was the general was the only one there to pick up off the ground. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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