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for undercover Slibbs

5/28/2020 c21 dmvan
I love when Sloane calls Gibbs Cowboy!

Yep, Gibbs doesn't always need braun because he has got brains too and outsmarted the bad guys!

Sloane mouthing "SHUT UP" to Nick. Ha! Ha!

And Gibbs calling Sloane "MOM."

TONY and ZIVA! Tony and his movies and Ziva headslapping him. Awww, those two!

Oh, Tony. You'll never learn! :)

Gibbs telling Tony he is like a son to him. Now I'm crying.

The name of the mission is where the title came from. Nice!

Awww, you mentioned Phineas! :)

Bear Grylls. Ha! Ha!

What a nice surprise to have Fornell bring Wayne to the cabin!

The two "b's" - bourbon and b*stard!

Thanks for taking us on this 21 chapter very enjoyable ride, Snehal!
5/18/2020 c20 dmvan
Come on, Jack. Listen to that weird feeling and don't wait. Go to the cabin!

So glad they got to Wayne's wife before anything bad happened to her!

Come on, Jack, answer your phone.

Oh, noooooo, not an ax!

I knew that doctor was up to no good. :(

IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHERS? Ahh, plastic surgery explains it.

Gibbs is so smart!

Whew, that was close!

Gibbs still can joke, although I don't blame him for wanting the doctor who is going to treat him to be checked himself.
5/16/2020 c20 3Troubled-Angel-26
Glad Gibbs is safe
5/7/2020 c19 dmvan
Yeah, Jack might just be the only one who could convince Gibbs to take that sick leave!

What is Stephen doing at the prison? That seems suspicious.

Love that USMC hoodie!

Oh, noooooo, who threatened Wayne?

"I'm not Bear Grylls." Ha Ha Ha!

Gibbs was feeling like "Not again." I hear 'ya Gibbs. You just can't get a break.

Victor's brother. Oh, that's great.

Sloane and Team Gibbs better get to that cabin!

Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/5/2020 c19 HannaBananas13
Just as things were getting back to normal for Gibbs... can’t wait til the next chapter
5/5/2020 c19 Troubled-Angel-26
Oh no poor Gibbs. I wonder if Stephen is helping to try get rid of him to try get with jack
5/1/2020 c18 xfilesgem
Wow loving this, please update with next chapter ( when you can)
4/27/2020 c18 dmvan
Yeah, Wayne would definitely need to do some time.

Ahhhh, a happy Gibbs now that he can drink coffee again!

"You are the only kids I have left." Tears . . .

Yay, Gibbs and Sloane kissed! :-)

Gibbs description of himself as Sloane's boyfriend!

Yep, that scene reminded me of the Indiana Jones movie too!

Awwww, Ducky. Way to ruin a moment. :-(

Another good chapter!
4/26/2020 c18 Troubled-Angel-26
Glad Steve now she's off limits and they all talked
4/17/2020 c17 Mojave01
Emotional Gibbs! I kinda like it :-) Looking forward to more of this story.
4/17/2020 c17 dmvan
Another vivid nightmare for poor Gibbs.

Awww, Sloane called him her cowboy!

And Grace calling him Popeye!

Oh, noooooo, Gibbs can't have any coffee.

Gibbs always tries to protect everyone else, and his concern for Wayne!

"What happened to your arm?" "Job happened." Yep, that's definitely a Gibbs' response.

Fornell and Gibbs talking about the rules, and Fornell getting them mixed up!

Awwww, Wayne and Gibbs both have daughters named Kelly. Nice touch!
4/17/2020 c17 Troubled-Angel-26
This was good
4/9/2020 c16 dmvan
Oh, WOW, Gibbs. That would definitely be his worst nightmare.

So many injuries. He will really need to be a tough Son of a B to overcome all the physical and emotional injuries (if his nightmare is any indication).

Hearing Ducky list everything Gibbs has been through, that poor man really needs a break, and happiness and love!

Yeah, Dr Grace!

Semper Fi, indeed! Wayne is a good guy!

Another really bad nightmare and then hallucinations. :(

The headslap! Yessss, Gibbs will be alright!
4/8/2020 c16 Troubled-Angel-26
Glad both are safe. But poor gibbs
3/31/2020 c15 Guest
This is no doubt the best slobs fic that I have ever read! Please don’t stop lol it’s so good I wanna cry!
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