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3/31/2020 c15 dmvan
Thank goodness Kasie was tracing the call because no one else was listening. Everyone talking at once. People need to listen.

Typical Gibbs. Telling them he's OK when clearly he isn't!

Love how he woke up when he heard 'coffee!'

Oh, nooooo, Wayne.

Wow, what a dream Sloane was having. :( Ducky to the rescue!

Yeah, for the spy pen!

That's our Gibbs. Laughing in the face of adversity.

Gibbs really is Superman!

I wish Crawford would have had to pay for what he did, but this sentence: "Wynn Crawford's story ends before his body even hit the floor" was perfection!

So glad that Wayne didn't die, because he saved Gibbs' life!
3/31/2020 c15 3Troubled-Angel-26
Glad gibbs and Wayne is fine and crawfprds gone
3/24/2020 c14 Troubled-Angel-26
Poor Jack and gibbs
3/24/2020 c14 dmvan
You go, Vance!

You got one thing right, Crawford. Gibbs IS a pain in the ass! He's YOUR pain in the ass!

At least Sloane is safe.

YES, Wayne, for telling Gibbs that Sloane was left behind and the team found her, and for also doing what Gibbs asked and calling McGee.

I hope nothing happens to Wayne since he has been helping Gibbs!

Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/19/2020 c1 Georgie
Wow, I love your writing and how you surprise me constantly with what is going to happen next.
Adore how close Gibbs and Sloane are and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Your a really talented writer
3/18/2020 c13 Georgie
Wow, that last chapter is amazing , you wrote it really well.
I love how close Gibbs and Sloane are and I love how you keep surprising me.
Your a really great writer, looking forward to what happens next. Xxx
3/19/2020 c13 dmvan
I REALLY hate Crawford. He's lucky Bishop stopped Torres from attacking him, though!

YEAH, Ducky!

Kasie to the rescue!

That's the way to do it, Sloane! Make him think he's back in the military and he'll obey any command.

Wow, Sloane, that's really low making that comment that Gibbs wouldn't understand because his daughter is dead. Bad, Bad, Bad.

She was right to apologize (even if it goes against the rules!) and I love Gibbs response "if you want to spend your life with me."

Can I say again how much I hate Crawford . . . and Victor.

Goooooo, Gibbs! Victor got what he deserved!

I thought Gibbs hadn't gotten through to Wayne, but he did!

Looking forward to what happens next with Wynn!
3/18/2020 c13 Troubled-Angel-26
Poor jack and gibbs this was good
3/12/2020 c12 HannaBananas13
Ahhh not another cliffhanger...can’t wait to see what happens next
3/12/2020 c12 dmvan
Victor threatening Sloane. Not good.

Oh, Victor, you bastard. You really enjoy beating up Gibbs.

Awww, Gibbs team so worried about them.

Love a smart ass Gibbs!

YAY, Gibbs. You never insult the Marines.


I can't believe Wynn had a meeting with SecNav at NCIS, and I'm glad SecNav believed Vance.

Gibbs better get out of there or the team better find them quickly!
3/9/2020 c11 dmvan
Love when Gibbs and Sloane flirt.

Leave it to Vance to interrupt their kiss. :-(

DINOZZO! Love that you mentioned him!

The Secretary of Defense? Oh, this is bad for Gibbs and Sloane.

Oh, nooo. Now it's Wayne beating the crap out of Gibbs, and then everyone else.

You go, Gibbs. Get that traitorous SecDef!

I sure hope they can find Gibbs and Sloane before anything else happens to them.
3/2/2020 c10 dmvan
Yeah, I think we all get tired with McGee's geek language!

Sloane talked to Vance about being worried about Gibbs. Awww.

And the scene with Sloane taking the book from Gibbs, taking off his glasses and covering him up is the sweetest!

Yayyyyyy, Palmer!

Clever way to make the pen switch!

Gibbs sharing his own tragedy with Wayne, even though Wayne doesn't know it.

Funny scene with everyone asking Jimmy how Gibbs and Sloane are.

I cannot wait to find out who the Big Boss is, but I really fear for Jack and Gibbs' safety.
2/25/2020 c9 dmvan
Awwww, Gibbs getting mad at Fornell for not protecting Jack, when Fornell was instructed by Vance to have Gibbs' six!

Yep, Fornell knows Gibbs is in love!

I like how you're bringing in NCIS episode stuff. Tobias and Phil ruining Gibbs' vacation, Jack's MI6 friend, Nigel, Faith.

I have a strong feeling Victor is going to be even more trouble . . .

Lots of very good questions you asked. Can't wait to find out the answers to them!
2/25/2020 c8 haneenleroy2018
great job
2/25/2020 c1 haneenleroy2018
it is a great story
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