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for Harry Potter - The Herald!(Unfortunately, abandoned)

9/17 c3 8animecutylover
Of course it was the Nazis who moved the Space stone. Why can't they just leave the all-powerful stone be?
9/2 c7 cristalanime1
If you abandoned this story. Who has adopted it? Please Update the people about it...
Or continue the story PLEASE.
8/10 c7 Callum Runchman
Why was this abandoned? It had more potential than a lot of other fanfictions and yet you gave up at only 7 chapters? Truely a waste of opportunity here and such a disappointment
7/7 c7 vaibhavmehndiratta
Can you update this one
6/12 c7 alexiamrogers
I hope u update this this book is amazing i love it
6/9 c7 Rkumar
Hope you are feeling better. Eagerly awaiting an update on this story. Loving what you are doing...
5/27 c7 Enforcer209
Well this was certainly interesting story to read
5/25 c7 LoonyLuna0412
Eagerly waiting for the next update.
5/23 c7 anish38kumar
hope your depression is gone.
Please update the chapter.
Author if you are alive you have to update the chapter.
5/22 c6 edoabb
Mmm sorry but he was the sorcerer supreme, how come he doesn't know shit, Merlin talked about the multiverse?
5/22 c4 edoabb
Really? He actually gets beaten by normal humans, and why did he admit of having the serum, nobody knew about it and releasing it would only create problems.
5/18 c7 18CRose
This was a lot of fun, I hope you decided to continue it. I'll toss it on my Fav list for now and keep an eye on it for a while. Now that you are starting to delve into the MCU you should have a lot of material to play around with.
5/13 c1 Darksnider05
Does really need to ever be stronger than base Spider-man who is the strongest physically outside of the Hulk and Asgardians. There is most likely no human on earth on the level of Spider-man in raw physical stats. Maybe Luke Cage and Jessia Jones if they really worked out?
5/9 c7 Guest
Please write more, I love this story soooo much!
5/11 c7 SurplusHook
Pleas continue it’s got good potential
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