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8/15/2020 c1 Casperace13
I absolutely love this story. I love the symmetry of Vanya staying for Luther, and then Luther leaving for Vanya. If you ever feel the urge to continue with this story line, I would helping read it.
8/3/2020 c1 toile grant
it's very very good
7/22/2020 c1 3starlighttauriel
This was interesting from the premise. Most fics I’ve read have had Vanya be one of the first to leave. The canon divergence is amazing though! Vanya staying meaning she was able to give blood instead of Pogo. Luther never going to the moon. Them getting closer. The questions about the medication and what comes after!

How do you think the apocalypse would be different in this universe? What about Five’s jump back?
5/3/2020 c1 Faith
This story is amazing! I love the emotion that can be pulled from reading this! I wish there are more stories of Vanya and Luther being friends.
1/31/2020 c1 Cd
Well this ever be more than one chapter?
1/27/2020 c1 20Lennox13
Ooooh, yes! I needed this! Yes! Yes! It was perfect. Thank you. I've probably said this, but yes, thanks for humanising Luther. People love doing introspective stuff for the others, but people rarely try to figure out what makes Luther tick. Imagine having that intense loyalty, that intense feeling of duty and obligation to a man who hurts you, who rejects you, who treats you like a child? What's that quote: we accept the love we deserve? Probably not right. But the kids, all of them, are so-so broken. And just because they deal with that brokenness in different ways, doesn't make the other's responses less valid. Drugs are an escape, work is an escape, fame is an escape, death is an escape, duty is an escape. Why else would soldiers find it so hard to assimilate back into life? It's all they've known for so long, it's how they rationalised their actions. Ugh, excuse my rant. But thank you, thank you, thank you for this. Perfect!
1/27/2020 c1 29MysticalKC
I love it! :)

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