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for The Felix Fiasco

8/29 c2 Hetalian Fairy 243
Where and what was Plagg (and Tikki) doing during this mess?
8/17 c2 3Agiani
I would love to see a continuation of this.
7/21 c2 Guest
This is probably way too late but... this is a great story and really needs to be continued
5/24 c2 Elisisia
this is intense! hope you update soon!
2/21 c2 1Zak saturday 1
Is Adrienette going to happen and please update soon
2/17 c2 52Awsomaniatica
I would love to see this idea expanded more, but understand the purpose of leaving it open. I'll add an alert just in case. I have to say though, how you explained things was quite brilliant! The whole Felix/Adrien thing, Gabriel's reveals, just about everything! Thanks for sharing!
2/12 c2 Guest
Love love love this! The idea of Adrien an Felix being genetically as close as brothers has crossed my mind before when watching the episode but to add the canon of fertility issues and have them share a biological father is priceless!
As usual your story is amazingly well written! Fantastic
This is good! It needs a part 3!
2/4 c2 5Whovianeverlark17
if you do decide to write another part to this I would love to see it, but I do think it's good as is. It's nice to see Gabe sweat for a bit, considering he's an awful human being but I digress. Great story! it's nice to see that Adrien has some decent family
2/2 c2 Guest
I loved this so much, and the explanation for the boys' looks? Fabulous! I would very much like to see a part three but of course, I'm not going to have a fit if there isn't. Love your work!
2/2 c2 Guest
That is not a very nice way to end the story. It really is an open end, could not be more one. But I liked the story until this point
2/1 c2 geekqueen2010
I seriously hope that you do continue the story, because without resolving everything it feels unfinished/incomplete.
2/1 c1 geekqueen2010
If cannon Felix managed to swipe the ring in the show, then fic Felix can swipe the butterfly miraculous easily.
2/3 c2 ephion-coronet
As a result of Adrien and Felix having the same father, Adrien is not actually Hawkmoth's spawn. Which is Good News, but also kind of hilarious. And awkward. (Srsly he got stuck w/ Butterfly Butt b/c of his mom?)
2/1 c2 Guest
I love your explanation for why Adrien and Felix look so alike!
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