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for Downton University: A Refashioning of Lives

10/13/2020 c3 isidorv
Please post moooore!
9/5/2020 c3 83pearlydewdrop
It's so so fascinating to see this story in a modern light! I enjoyed the interactions between Gwen and Anna and Violet and Isobel, they felt very true to character. I also liked how you portrayed the mother-daughter relationship of Cora and Mary...that was also done excellently. I also think you brought the whole situation with Mary and Pamuk into the modern day really well here. I definitely think consent was very very dubious on the show since Mary clearly pressured into sleeping with him. I always think that, for Mary, it was a choice between being seen by others as a victim and being seen as a willing participant in a scandal...and she chose the latter out of pride, preferring to be 'notorious' instead of pitied by her family and by society on a whole. Also, I think since Pamuk threatened to tell tales and ruin her reputation also played into Mary succumbing to him. So I agree that she was emotionally manipulated and basically blackmailed into sleeping with him. I dunno...thats just what I took from it. Anyways, you're doing a really amazing job with this story. Looking forward to reading more!
8/29/2020 c3 Guest
There is no such thing as too much to read! I think the thing with Pamuk was non con. Although Mary relented, she really didn't have a choice and I think she was trying to pretend she had some power to choose. You realize you have us hanging on a cliff here. We might think we know what's going to happen, but Anna is out of town and Cora is in another building so?
Good on the Evelyn and Edith sub plots! You have them spot on. I also enjoyed your Isobel-Violet conversation. Please hurry back!
7/5/2020 c2 DAGUEST
Please don’t forget about this story. It’s much too good to be left unfinished.
5/6/2020 c2 Guest
This is amazing! I love it :)
5/3/2020 c2 bex.goldstein
I’m loving your story a lot. I haven’t watched the entire show but your adaption seems really nice. Most characters have the same personality and act the same they did back in 1912. I felt bad for poor Matthew at the end :( he’s already starting to develop feelings for her and she compares him with a sea monster. I can’t wait to read the next :)
2/25/2020 c2 pearlydewdrop
I absoutely love the modern adaption so far! I really like how you have brought The Crawley sisters into the 21st century, as well as everyone at Downton upstairs and down. I loved the moment with Matthew at the end and all of Violet's little quips. Utterly fabulous! You are doing a brilliant brilliant job so far and I cannot wait to read more :) Well Done!
2/24/2020 c2 Guest
Loving this and can hardly wait to where you take it. The characters are very true to canon. Thanks for posting.
2/24/2020 c2 Guest
This is excellent! Please do continue.
2/24/2020 c2 Daniela
This seems tno be very good modern fanfiction dtory, Please continue. I liked interaction Mary -Matthew. Very well.
2/24/2020 c2 eyeon
Your adaptation was fantastic! So do you think it was love at first sight when Matthew saw Mary? They got along fairly quickly so is Mary trying to make Matthew jealous, to see how deep his feelings are? Or does she want one last fling? Or just to see what else is available out there? Of course the Violet and isobel interaction was great. You write both of them so well! So Grigg is a bank robber this time? Have fun with school! I hope you have time for another chapter soon!
2/24/2020 c2 27Boris Yeltsin
Excellent work. I'll need to find the show somewhere to watch it, though I've seen clips of it, and Maggie Smith is amazing in it.
2/20/2020 c1 83pearlydewdrop
This is absolutely fantastic! Will there be more?
2/3/2020 c1 eyeon
Oh very good! More please. So did no one in this (that recent past) time think it was kind of creepy for Mary to be dating a 3rd cousin? I liked your character list, especially your description of Isobel. I want to hear more of the Mary/Matthew backstory and why he said exactly what he thought within earshot of Mary. So not love at first sight, which is what I thought I saw on his face in Episode 2?
Good premise for a modern day story!
1/26/2020 c1 Jenwren
Great to see a new M/M story. Loved it!
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