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for Pugnator (Fighter - Latin)

8/7 c62 sarah0406
Nice ending!

Quick questions below. You wrote that:

• Marvel and Theo Hadley both had small spears in the head

Is the chapter written in point form on purpose?
I’m really hoping they had spears in the hand instead of in the head...
4/25 c58 sarah0406
I thought she was pregnant...
4/15 c57 sarah0406
She’s pregnant...
1/1 c17 arata7kasuga
Well that just killed the story
1/1 c15 arata7kasuga
I mean, if he never volunteered, she wouldn’t have had to watch him die. She would’ve had a best friend to come home to instead.
1/1 c14 arata7kasuga
Cato and Indie are so cute together
1/1 c6 arata7kasuga
He’s the one that volunteered when there was no reason to..
6/28/2020 c48 1Bella81
Hey, I'm a new reader and I have to say this is probably the best hunger games fanfic I've read and I'm not not just saying that, i love it . I discovered this through another author(they had favourited it) late last night and I'm so glad I found it.
It's a fresh approach and I couldn't stop reading I love the twist of how indie died because somehow I thought it would be one of these stories that killed offbeat is and let their oc win. I never saw it coming. I love the twist of the fallen tributes and as bad as it is to say I love the fact that she didn't get rescued by the rebels to become another mockingjay she got caught by the Capitol. It's not something you see in oc hunger games. And it also shows the PTSD and the effects from the Control of the Capitol and how even victors aren't free from it ...

I'll say it again I love this story and can't wait to carry on reading it and start your other stories
6/12/2020 c47 aoife
amazing book plz update
5/5/2020 c45 2acetwolf94
5/2/2020 c44 acetwolf94
5/2/2020 c44 5IPackASourPunch
This story is great! I am a sucker for Cato/OC stories and there aren't enough of them. I really just lucked out on stumbling onto this story. I normally filter my stories and look for one's tagged with specific characters. If you want to get your readership, follows, favs, and reviews up, I suggest adding some character tags to this.

All in all, I really enjoy this story and look forward to readying more in the future.
3/22/2020 c2 Radio Free Death
["Indie!" Cashmere screeched, stood at the bottom of the white marble staircase.]

Try to avoid using 'screeched' for a woman screaming. It's overdone and frankly, you never hear a man described that way either.

The second clause cannot stand on its own, nor does it follow the part before it, so it should be its own separate sentence with an actual subject.

["I haven't seen you in ages." Indiana Summers pouted.
"You saw me yesterday."
"Exactly. Ages ago," she said, rolling her eyes at his ignorance.]

This might sound cute coming out of a five year-old, but not from a seventeen year-old.

[The next year, one year old Indiana lost her mother to the brutal sport of murder.]

You mean she was reaped as well? What are the odds of that?

[Cashmere and Gloss decided to teach the little girl how to defend herself in case she was ever Reaped; their little bundle of joy was the only family they had left and they couldn't lose her as well.]

This might make sense in a non-training district where volunteers are rare and the kid is given some advantage to survive a bit longer. Not so in District One where they have an academy and already have contenders lined up in case an untrained kid is reaped. The story seems to forget this immediately, with Indy being so worried she might be picked and Marvel telling her how unlikely it is because her name is in there only once (which is impossible as she's not twelve).
2/6/2020 c2 thesugarquilled
This was really well written and I like that you didn't start on Reaping morning, like so many of these do. I also like that your focus is on Marvel, as he's not one of the main characters in the series and is less spoken about than, say, Cato.

The only thing that put me off was the fact that she's going to be a reaped tribute from a Career district, and that's a huge pet peeve for me. Considering she's related to victors and is trained, I'm willing to look past it, but it discredits her worrying, in my opinion anyway.

All in all, this was a really good first chapter and I like the story you're setting yourself up to write. Can't wait for the next update!

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