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7/18/2020 c39 11Luck Kazajian
This chapter was a very good ending to the story! I nearly had tears in my eyes at the end there. I loved the scene between Spike and Faye and how their relationship has gotten deeper. I loved her line "Stop thrashing, Spike. You're not drowning. You just think you are." She's right. If Spike would just hold still for a minute, maybe he'd see the little things, like Ed including him even when he thought he'd been left out. Maybe Spike will take Faye's advice and get some of his memories back...(that's too much to hope for isn't it? XD) Excellent ending to a very exciting entry in your Bebop stories ;)
(I also liked the little revenge scene on Andy.)
7/17/2020 c38 Luck Kazajian
Yay! Something finally goes right for our intrepid crew!
And yet...there's still something not quite right with Spike. This makes me even more excited for what you've got planned next, honestly ;)
But I'm glad Brookridge held up his end of the deal. He seems like an ok guy after all (I had my doubts for a little while)
7/17/2020 c37 Luck Kazajian
Aw, I was so expecting Spike's reflection of himself in the lab coat to trigger some of his childhood memories. He looks like his father! And he doesn't even know it. You keep tugging my heart strings! Every time I think Spike's had enough, you go and put him through more. But the end of this chapter was really touching. (And I'm so glad Ellen finally came around!) I think that she just did more for Spike here than she realizes.
Although it's tough to do, you gotta learn to block out random strangers' opinions, Spike-o. The crew are the only ones who really matter and they've got your back ;)
7/17/2020 c36 Luck Kazajian
This chapter was pretty tense. I was waiting on Spike to explode, but I'm VERY glad he didn't ;) Seems like maybe our cowboy is starting (VERY SLOWLY) to get a little of himself back. I still wish Ellen would come around though...I understand she's scared, but it's pretty obvious she's not with the bad guys anymore (or maybe I'm biased, lol) The little bit of humor at the end of this chapter was a nice tension reliever.
7/10/2020 c36 Urazz
Nice to see that things are going to get cleaned up for the crew. I found it hilarious at the end there though when Spike called dibs on giving Jet the vaccine and pinned Ed on Faye. You just know that's going to be painful for Faye. lol
7/9/2020 c35 Luck Kazajian
Wow, wow, wow. This just gets even deeper and more multi-layered with each chapter. Spike has been through a lot and his carefully constructed outer shell has been absolutely destroyed. I can understand why he doesn't know what to do with himself. Because the version of himself that he'd created wasn't quite him - but it wasn't all lies either. He's still dealing with his past...and I want to box him in the ears for it, but I get it. You can't just erase all of that.
I love, love, love the fact that Faye gets it. Jet's the one being a bit obtuse here, but it fits him. He's very black and white, and Faye, despite all her bad habits can actually be more nuanced. Her scene with Spike in the end of this chapter - beautiful. I could feel all the emotion here and I liked the imagery of Faye backing Spike against a wall. The fact that he doesn't lash out at her for it is really telling too.
Maybe Ellen will be slightly less scared of Spike now? Perhaps? I dunno, maybe she'll be more terrified, but maybe she'll understand a bit better.
I feel so bad for Spike. I want him to figure things out! And the Bebop crew is just the people to help him, messy as they are. I need more!
7/9/2020 c34 Luck Kazajian
I loved Faye's little trick with the lipstick. This chapter was a lot of fun and had sort of a detective noir feel to it. Spike is still walking a dangerous line and you've done a great job of keeping that uneasy feeling around him. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I can feel the not-right-ness lurking just beneath the surface and it's chilling.
I also loved the way they made Whitecoff confess. Shui is the bestest boy ;) Stick it to the man, you guys! He deserves it!
7/7/2020 c34 Urazz
This was resolved sooner than I expected. I was expecting the gang to be on the run and having to tangle with some bounty hunters to give them a taste of what it is like to be chased by bounty hunters before this was ultimately resolved but I don't mind that the consipiracy wasn't that complicated.
7/6/2020 c33 Luck Kazajian
Well, I thought maybe we were out of the woods...but I'm not so sure. Spike's back. Sort of. If Jet keeps pushing, I'm not sure he'll like what he finds.
I hope that Ellen and Daniel change their minds though!
But now I'm really curious as to what the Bebop crew have planned for this corrupt president.
I really like how you characterized Spike in this one. He's at ease, strictly speaking, but you kept that dangerous air about him. Well done!
6/25/2020 c30 Luck Kazajian
Oh, Spike, you know how wrong you are...You need your crew!
This was a heartfelt and touching chapter, but with an edge. Naturally, there will be residual emotions from Spike's time in the prison. Let's just hope he's learned enough to open up to the crew instead of hiding deeper in himself! You know that doesn't work, Spike-o!
And Jet, wow. He rarely gets that forthright with Spike. He's confused and unsure too and we know these two lunkheads aren't the best at talking things out...maybe Faye & Ed can help.
6/23/2020 c29 Urazz
Well, the gang got away pretty cleanly while still killing Callus. They all got pretty hardened a bit by this, more especially Spike and Faye. Though I think Jet's morals are still there so while he seemed uncomfortable with what Spike was doing, I think he let him do it more out of a sense of justice than anything else.
6/23/2020 c29 Luck Kazajian
This was...spectacular, indeed. I mean, I really wanted Callus to get his...but this was almost hard to read. It was true Red Dragon rearing its ugly head. Reminds me of a quote from a book where a character compares soldiers to knives and says once you hone them, you can't turn them off. Spike might be more in control of himself now, but he's not tame. Not by a long shot. And now the crew's real mission is just beginning - they've got to catch the guy behind Callus. And maybe let Ed drive the Bebop XD
I'm looking forward to the next installment ;)
6/22/2020 c28 Luck Kazajian
Yes! I knew it! I knew the compys were coming to the rescue! I loved this chapter ;) The line about waiting for the next available Ed had me cracking up.
But oh man, Callus better...well, he better just not. Like Jet notes, there's no stopping Spike now. This is either going to go terribly well or terribly wrong...
6/22/2020 c27 Luck Kazajian
Well, I'm certainly glad Spike's back to his normal self, even though he's got the consequences of his teenage self to deal with. It's a good thing that Jet's panicked plan to get him back worked!
Can I hate Callus even more? Yes, yes I think I can. I kind of liked Violet, or at the very least felt sorry for her...let's get revenge on Callus for her too now.
6/21/2020 c28 Urazz
Looks like the gang is going to get some payback on Calus. I see a fight between Spike and Calus but other than that, I don't see it taking too long storywise since your stories about the crew after the anime tend to be around 22 chapters on average if this story is around 30 chapters long. I figure the next story/story arc would be about the gang hunting down those that set them up.

Big question is if they break out, would they be fugitives or is Ed going to be able to hack the systems and erase all their records so they won't be pursued by law enforcement and bounty hunters.
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