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4/20/2020 c2 Guest

Human replica droid

blasters, droid army, ships

medpack- diagnostics such as medisensors and also could provide flexclamps, synthflesh, irrigation bulbs, bacta, kolto, spray-bandages, bacta patches, spray hypos, bone stabilizers, antiseptics, medical drugs, coagulants, stimulants such as stim-shots, and other essential medicines for the treatment of wounds.

Terraform processor

The Sith Rule of Two. In theory, Darth Bane's ideal is that each apprentice overthrows the master once they've learned all they can, and thus each successive generation of Sith is supposedly stronger and more knowledgeable than the last. But given that the Dark Side of the Force is inherently corruptive and therefore tends to work contrary to any kind of idealism, and the will of the Force supposedly opposes the Sith in the long-term, it's more likely that knowledge is lost with every generation of Sith: the master is always looking for a better apprentice and has an incentive to keep some knowledge from them for self-preservation, and there's always a chance the master might die an accidental death before their apprentice is fully trained, or that an unready apprentice might get lucky and kill their master too early.

Emperor Palpatine in turn, while the most successful Dark Lord of the Sith in history (in that he succeeded in utterly destroying the Jedi Order where thousands of years of previous Sith had failed), can be interpreted as a demonstration of the above. He broke the Rule of Two by picking apprentices more useful as tools for his plans than as potential successors: Darth Maul was a good Jedi-killer but not much of a grand thinker, Count Dooku was almost twenty years older than Palpatine according to canonical dates and thus likely to pre-decease him, and Anakin Skywalker was an arrogant, easily manipulated Hot-Blooded fool who, like Maul, was good at killing Jedi but not at grand strategy

Palpatine was a master of the Dark Side and a great politician but not a general or admiral
4/20/2020 c1 Guest
The Jedi Council are portrayed as maliciously indifferent throughout the Canon, caring only for their own agenda while doing whatever they have to to achieve it. In the Prequel Trilogy, they state that the nine year old Anakin is too old to begin the training, implying they normally take children when they are too young to understand what they are actually doing. They also appear to be blind to their own hypocrisy "Only Sith deal in absolutes!" and deal with emotion in a way that suggests the current generation of Jedi Masters were all poorly trained in handling them. The frequent and violent outbursts by young adult Jedi that lead to their deaths or expulsion from the Order often gets met with tutting and proclamations that "(s)he simply lacked the discipline" and that other Jedi should repress themselves even more. Basically, they come off as Not So Different from the Sith in any way other than how they handle emotion, which is just as bad but in a different way from their enemies. The prophesy that a child would bring "balance" to the Force by destroying the Sith once and for all also reeks of Protagonist-Centered MoralityThere is also just how self-important the Jedi come off. Depending on the writer they came come off as either immensely humble or extremely sure of their own morality that they come off as a gang of Smug Super jerks. This doesn't even come from writers with anti-jedi slants: Dave Filoni had his favorite Jedi Plo Koon give a We {the Jedi} are Justice line that suggests this interpretation.

Sure the Dark Side clouds all and that was the Sith's plan all along is my interpretation but still

The interpretation of Palpatine being aware of the impending invasion is a development of Thrawn's character. There's a lot of hints that Thrawn joined the Empire because he was aware of a threat and continued to serve because he thought that the New Republic would collapse due to internal infighting (though the Empire itself collapsed due to infighting). Later interpretations transferred this to Palpatine. (The current canonical interpretation is probably that any mentions of a "greater threat" by Palpatine during his reign was an excuse to hold power; the Vong invasion bolstering that was a coincidence.)

The Force and The Dark Side: are they tools enabling justice or power? Or a single cunning entity manipulating everyone in the galaxy? Or at least the Jedi and the Sith. The two aspects of The Force are just that, aspects of one singular thing. Sith believe The Dark Side gives them power over The Force and others, but their quick descent into anger quickly makes them tools of it and not the other way around. Jedi, on the other hand, actively seek to follow the will of The Force because it has an Omniscient Morality License. What kind of long con it's trying to pull is anyone's guess.

For that matter, is the Force intelligent? After all, the abilities possessed by the Jedi apparently come from microscopic creatures in their bloodstreams. We are expected to believe that these microscopic creatures are somehow able to convey the wisdom and guidance of the all-knowing, all-powerful Force. There are reasons to give that idea a healthy dose of scientific skepticism.

Read about how Mitochondria have their own separate DNA chains.

And... symbiont microorganisms serving as the conduit for the Force are less believable than cells in one's brain serving as one exactly how?

For that matter, are midichlorians conduits for the Force at all? The correlation between midichlorian count and Force-sensitivity is well established, but the exact causal relationship between the two is never specified. While it's natural to assume that people are Force sensitive because they have a high midichlorian count, it could just as easily be the other way around. Perhaps midichlorians are harmless parasites that flock to hosts with large concentrations of Force energy in order to feed on its power. Or they could be simple quasi-lifeforms generated spontaneously in the bloodstream by the Force itself, but which have no tangible effect on the world beyond serving as a useful way of measuring Force-sensitivity.

There is always the idea that the Canon are like history textbooks, created by and in the style of the "heroic" side. The Jedi are pure and benevolent and completely justified in their resistance of the Dark Side! Except.. while they depict the Sith as evil for using evil emotions, they themselves seem to eschew ALL emotions, and seem to consider all emotions, even the most positive, as evil ANYWAYS... What if the Sith were just another religious order, maybe hailing from a planet with a dangerously intense sun (thus, Dark Is Not Evil and Light Is Not Good for them), where they had learned to channel their passions and emotions in a positive way? Love to empower, fear transformed into to protection, anger at the injustice of the world mastered and channelled into focused will to accomplish good things.. Good, passionate people. Then in their spread across the Galaxy, they encounter another religion, the "Jedi". The Jedi, an order of strict and passionless fighters, are horrified at the blasphemous emotionality of the newcomers, and make them into Acceptable Targets in order to crush them in a patriotic, faith-based crusade... Thereafter, the very name of the other religion would be used to describe the violation of their stricture against emotionalism, and anyone walking their left-hand path would be labeled Sith.

This isn't too far off from actual canon, which is that the Jedi and Sith are competing branches of the same religion which both became progressively more extreme to further distance themselves from the other. Most of the galaxy doesn't even know that there's a difference.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some of these are simply a matter of player choice.

Jedi Knight: Anything from a naive Wide-Eyed Idealist with a deadly weapon to a Knight Templar who is truly associated with the Dark Side.

Trooper: Eagleland Type 1? A loyal, patriotic soldier with high ideals, the best example of Republic citizenry? Eagleland Type 2? A boorish, Sociopathic Soldier who shouts slogans before every battle, massacares civilians insdiscrimitely, and looks the other way when it's your side committing the abuses?

As a Sith Warrior: Are you merely a Hot-Blooded warrior who saves his brutality for the battlefield, but otherwise prefers rational behavior? A nasty Blood Knight who wants to slaughter everything in his path? A cunning player who is gathering a power base so he's practically untouchable from his fellow Sith? A Wild Card who does as he damn well pleases, no loyalty to anyone (even the Empire), and backs up his arguments with a force choke if he has to?

As a Sith Inquisitor: You start as a lowly slave plucked from the auction block once it's discovered you're Force Sensitive. So, are you loyal to the Sith now that you have a chance to move among them, or have you not forgotten how badly you were treated when the collar was around your neck? Are you gathering power as to destroy your fellow Sith, or so you are never hurt again? If you are light-sided, can you even be called a Sith, as your actions undermine the Empire from within and conversations with Ashara indicate that you both seek to Take a Third Option other than the rigid Jedi-Sith dichotomy?

Imperial Agent: Do you believe My Country, Right or Wrong, serving the Empire despite its lack of competant leadership, fascist policies, and brutal racism? Are you a Wild Card who grows weary of your government's policies and just wants to stop the network of terrorists trying to destroy both major powers? A deep cover agent for the SIS (Republic Intelligence)? A person who has seen way too much and wants out, no matter who gets double-crossed?

Smuggler: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything? A freelance business person trying to run as honest a ship as they can under the circumstances? A bloodthirsty pirate profiting off a galaxy-wide war? A privateer happy to help their Republic in a time of need for a share of the goodies? A crime boss in training? Loyal to the crew, but hang everyone else?

Poe Dameron (as well as his main antagonist in his storyline, Vice Admiral Holdo). Is he an arrogant Leeroy Jenkins who deserves to be put in his place, or the Only Sane Man desperately trying to hold the crew together in the face of his superiors' apparent Head-in-the-Sand Management? Even more interpretations open up when the events of The Force Awakens are taken into account, as it's possible PTSD or general psychological strain may be influencing his actions as well.

Did Luke really sense good in Vader/Anakin or was that just wishful thinking that turned out to be correct? He had lost two father figures already.

Are Vader and Anakin literally separate people (through some combination of dissociative identity disorder and the Force) or just figuratively, and saying that is a coping mechanism for both Luke (who never saw how Vader Anakin could be and idolizes him), Obi-Wan (who can't reconcile the monster with his old friend) and even Anakin himself, (who associates all his happy memories with the time he was known by that name, unable to accept that both Anakin and those times weren't perfect.)
1/30/2020 c2 Bobywhy
Are Lana and Xigolo (is it on purpose that his name is so similar to Gigolo) already together, or is there a chance you can hook her and Xildroll up?

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