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for And the Heart is Brave

12/28/2023 c24 lem7kb
I’ve been rereading this work lately and was absolutely cackling with laughter at how you wrote Rosemary in this chapter
7/19/2023 c30 SaSeLi777
Woke at 4am and reread this story! You have such a wonderful way of revealing love and tenderness. It’s especially interesting that you understand the deeper love that is an acquired learning after and in spite of abuse. Such special stories are yours! I’ll be rereading your other two WCTH stories soon!
11/8/2022 c30 dpmancill
Thank you. Well done. Would really enjoy more of this story with many more chapters. Absolutely love N&E when Evis being her true self. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
9/11/2022 c30 Dee Bee2
This story is amazing. I feel lime there is more to come?
7/22/2022 c30 Guest
Good job. Would love to have more chap5ers to this one. N&E are a fantastic pairing with so much potential. Obviously it's been awhile, but I'm sure there could be much m9re to come. Take care of yourself and consider continuing writing.
2/17/2022 c30 2Mamabethany
I'm surprised to see it looks like I haven't left any reviews for this story.

It is my favorite one.

Even more than Unrequited - because we have more manageable problems to overcome than the season 8 fiasco. And those last two chapters - move me heart and soul every time.

This is Coreopsis Nathan with a deep poet soul who senses the magical moments and the unspoken. And this is the Elizabeth who wrote the Coreopsis poem. Who is so capable and giving.

I come back to to this story frequently, so soothing it is to me.

I want you to know that last week I bought some Coreopsis seeds. I had never even heard of this flower before I read this story. And yesterday I planted them with my 6 year old, so now I will have Coreopsis flowers in my life because of you and in celebration of Coreopsis Nathan and Elizabeth.
2/1/2022 c30 Guest
Thoroughly engrossing, but seems incomplete. Hoping for a continuation of Nathan and Elizabeth's journey. Please don't give up on them.
10/3/2021 c30 2wesab
I am happy that I found your story. It is a bit different but nevertheless true. I read it i record time, just couldn't stop, the somehow more troubled, careful, gentle, tender and shy Nathan touched me.
I do like the ending of chapter 30 and might understand that this is your end of the story you wanted to tell, I would like to say it is just a milestone. A important one, absolutely. But from here on it is the story how these two and the four of them grow closer together. How do they manage to share? Elizabeth has to learn to let Nathan in, into her thoughts as into her actions. Nathan has to learn to communicate, to open up more to her, to learn when he has to slow her down, let her see more of his heart and mind.
Please, don't stop here there is so much left to tell. I am hoping, waiting, longing for more to come. Thank you for these 30 chapters so far?!
7/24/2021 c30 Guest
Loved these 30 chapters...hope more will be coming!
6/25/2021 c30 Guest
I love your writing and this story! Please continue
6/3/2021 c30 Guest
Great story could have a few more chapters with a wedding that involves the children. God bless you.
4/27/2021 c30 Guest
Please update this story soon.
4/27/2021 c30 27Dakota Kid
Ive really enjoyed this story and hope there are plans to continue it.
4/26/2021 c30 21pn1thrasher
All I can say is Wow! I hope more is coming!
12/3/2020 c30 Paul
Wow! I think I need a cold shower after that last chapter! Nicely done.
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