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for And the Heart is Brave

2/8/2020 c24 22elizabethB88
Great chapter! Love the romance. It'll be very interesting to see how things play out with his father. I'm curious to see how they're going to do that on the show, and I'm curious to see your take on it.
2/8/2020 c24 Guest
Again, loved the chapter. Don't take too long break. I (and I am sure others) will be wishing for more story soon (like tomorrow). I really like the storyline. Great job.
2/8/2020 c23 5Ljd21690
Lovely job on this! You had me chuckling at some points and sighing at others, but certainly smiling throughout.
2/8/2020 c23 22elizabethB88
Another great chapter! Looking forward to what comes next.
2/8/2020 c23 Guest
I feel Elizabeth should bring the Jack photos back out :) Brownie points to Nathan for noticing, and helping Elizabeth feel ok about also having her memories :) Very sweet of him
2/7/2020 c22 Guest
Live it. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/6/2020 c22 MsLaceyLoo
Finally! I'm so happy that they both took action! I can't wait to read future chapters.
2/6/2020 c22 Guest
Absolutely amazing! More please! 3
2/6/2020 c22 elizabethB88
FINALLY! :-D Awesome chapter!
2/6/2020 c22 5Ljd21690
Yay! Finally! That's not how I expected it to go, but I loved it! I can totally see Nathan doing that.
2/6/2020 c21 Guest
Wonderful chapter, great writing. Thank you for your gift of words. Waiting for the next chapter.
2/6/2020 c21 Ljd21690
What a great chapter! I loved the sweet bonding between Elizabeth and Allie, and yes, I definitely see the importance of this chapter if there is to be a Nathan/Elizabeth romance.
2/6/2020 c21 22elizabethB88
What a beautiful chapter! Seeing Elizabeth care for Allie, reassuring her and comforting sweet!
2/5/2020 c20 8Susan Firth
Such a good imagining of their relationship - of course, I'm #TeamNathan all the way already, so this makes me very happy. Beautiful writing and excellent storytelling, surprising twists and turns, and great pacing throughout. I hope you keep writing, because WCTH will probably draw out the Elizabeth/Nathan/Lucas storyline for a while and we need our fix of Elizabeth/Nathan romance! I'm also as happy about the family they are creating together - so sweet. Thanks for writing!
2/5/2020 c20 Guest
Well done - Elizabeth choosing to keep Jack's promise is just so on point. It's like she's picking up the fight he used to fight, and I know this is fictional, but I'm proud of her :) You've written this scene really nicely, like I can feel in a small way the emotion that would have gone into those promises.
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