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for And the Heart is Brave

2/4/2020 c19 Guest
AHHHHH! This is amazing, I love how you've connected Nathan and Jack together, so great :) Really enjoying this story. It makes it all the more meaningful having Nathan there in the show as a love interest (although I don't know if this would happen in the show, it's fun to imagine :))
2/4/2020 c20 5Ljd21690
Great chapter! I love that Elizabeth made peace with Nathan's reason for coming to Hope Valley and is now living up to the "Mountie Code" in her own way.
2/4/2020 c20 22elizabethB88
Love this chapter!
2/4/2020 c19 elizabethB88
Aww! So sweet.
2/4/2020 c19 Guest
The Mountie Code. Love the way you included both Jack's and Nathan's protective, loyal, and dedication to the NWMP and the town and people of Hope Valley.
2/4/2020 c19 Heartie
LOVED this! Such a realistic depiction of what Jack would do...Now, what will E do?
2/4/2020 c18 elizabethB88
What a fun chapter! You had me laughing throughout. And I like the "Hallmark moment" where he caught he as she was falling. Great work!
2/4/2020 c18 5Ljd21690
Oh, sparks are starting to fly. I love it!
2/4/2020 c17 Guest
That was clever, having the burned dinner as a way for them to eat at Elizabeth's house with Little Jack :) Lovely that she got to see the trio interact like the family they're (very very likely?) going to be :D
Also I love how you mentioned that Nathan hadn't stumbled in his words in the prayer. I guess that means he wasn't nervous coming before God. That says a lot.
2/3/2020 c17 22elizabethB88
So much cuteness in this chapter! Loved it!
2/3/2020 c17 Guest
Love it. And how Nathan is a disaster in the kitchen. Elizabeth to the rescue.
2/3/2020 c17 Heartie
Loved this chapter and the chemistry between Elizabeth abd Nathan.
2/3/2020 c17 5Ljd21690
I loved this sweet scene! It's so nice seeing Elizabeth's heart soften and maybe even open to love again. Great writing!
2/3/2020 c16 devoted heartie
What a great story I read alot of these fanfiction of WCTH I have watched the series from start to present day, keep up the great writting, I so love this one. Thank you so much
2/3/2020 c16 Ljd21690
I'm so glad to see Nathan and Elizabeth make up! I hated to see them on the outs, and I look forward to seeing where their relationship is headed.
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