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2/3/2020 c15 Joyce Cerrato
Sometimes in life, when dealing with issues, those not involved suddenly become center stage. Elizabeth/Nathan have their issues, no matter who is to be blamed for them, but unfortunately there is almost always "collateral" damage. Those who have nothing to do with the problems in the first place often get dragged into them and the problems become even greater. E/N have to put their issues aside and begin to talk to each other not at each other. With Allie now involved, this child who has no bearing on their drama something has to be done- an olive branch so to speak must be offered. But who is going first- Nathan refuses to talk about Jack and what happened, again perhaps guilt, knowing he was involved some how and just can't deal with with those issues, Elizabeth being stubborn, wanting to know what happened with her husband and just what his relationship was with Nathan. Problem is if someone doesn't want to talk- not going to happen! What a conundrum! Neither wanting to make the first move. Now that Allie is in the fray, as adults they need to step forward and do what is necessary to make this right, nothing will be accomplished as things are, someone must make the first move. Keeping secrets is not good and in this case makes the situation worse. Please post soon, can't wait to see what E/N will do!
2/3/2020 c14 Guest
Loving how you write Nathan's parenting skills, very sweet how he apologized while saying grace and I can definitely imagine Allie smirking haha!
2/3/2020 c13 Guest
What a way to end the chapter! Looking forward to finding out what went down back at the academy...
2/2/2020 c14 cakehappens
so amazing! can’t wait for the next chapter! 3
2/2/2020 c14 5Ljd21690
Great job on these last for chapters! I love how you portrayed Nathan's protective nature and the inner torment that both he and Elizabeth are experiencing over this photo. I can't wait to see how it will play out. Thank you for giving us a little Hope Valley while we wait for Season 7!
2/2/2020 c14 Guest
Love it. The storyline is wonderful. I hope that Nathan and Elizabeth will make up for their sake and Allie's too. Can wait to see what Bill finds out.
2/2/2020 c14 20elizabethB88
Well, your "hell in a hand basket" comment totally makes sense now. Poor Allie! I like the prayer, by the way. Nice touch having Nathan try to make up for his reaction. Looking forward to more chapters!
2/2/2020 c13 flheartie
Started first 2 chapters last night. Very well written. Your choice of words conveyed the emotions of each character with excellence! I will be delighted to read all further chapters as they become available. I thank you again for sharing this creation of yours with us hearties.
2/2/2020 c13 Joyce Cerrato
And the plot thickens! What is this BIG secret Nathan refuses to say- could it be he was there-there when Jack was killed, could he be feeling "survivor's guilt" - what could possibly be the reason Nathan is silent. Perhaps as Jack lay dying he wanted Nathan to take care of E maybe even have a romance, Jack knowing that Nathan was a man of the utmost integrity! Who knows, only when Nathan reveals what it is obviously, then will the truth be known. But we still have to wonder exactly the nature of the secret and this is , and will be a big one. For Nathan to risk his "friendship" with Elizabeth, it is something he does not want her to know. For now I have to believe it has to do with Jack's death Please post soon again can't wait to find out this mystery!
2/2/2020 c12 Guest
Je pense que Nathan doit être responsable de la mort de Jack. Et c'est pou ça qu'il ne veut pas parler à Élisabeth
2/1/2020 c12 elizabethB88
Oh man, my heart is just breaking for poor Nathan! I hope Elizabeth forgives him soon. You captured his protective nature perfectly here!
2/1/2020 c10 elizabethB88
Hmm, that was quite the reaction...can't wait for the next chapter!
2/1/2020 c10 Guest
Wow... ok this one took me by surprise a bit. Elizabeth seems really upset by Nathan not telling her?
2/1/2020 c9 Guest
Loved this too! Fave parts were Collins saluting to Elizabeth (I feel like that's very meaningful) and Elizabeth being 'surprised that she felt no sting of pain to look upon the photo, there was only bittersweet remembrance' (that's very deep, and beautifully conveys how she has progressed in her recovery from the grief by this point in the story).
2/1/2020 c8 Guest
Loved it! And so lovely how Nathan played with little Jack, I really like seeing him breaking out of his serious Mountie mode
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