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2/1/2020 c10 Guest
What a cliffhanger! Please continue soon!
2/1/2020 c9 Joyce Cerrato
Intrigue indeed! Nathan all this time knew Jack, yet has chosen to say nothing. The question is -WHY!? On the surface there appears to be no reason in not saying so to Elizabeth. OR- does Nathan know something- like the reason why Jack died and could he be one of the reasons!? Even though they may have been assigned to different posts, surely Nathan/Jack at one time knew each other even if they were in the same cadet class. Secrets almost always come to light, weeks, even many years later and sometimes the result of that secret is not the expected result. Secrets can be good/bad but either way once revealed can determine one's present/future- and this IS a huge one! Why keep silent unless Nathan does not want E to know and that is a big mistake. Secrets, omissions, cover-ups, etc., can hang very heavy on a person and not in a good way, foremost again they almost always are revealed and second while the truth can be hurtful even painful it is easier to accept then the lie which while maybe forgiven can not be forgotten. Please post soon can't wait for the "shoe-drop" !
1/31/2020 c9 20elizabethB88
OMG! Looking forward to seeing how this is going to play out!
1/31/2020 c8 5Ljd21690
What a fun chapter! Iove Nathan's mock serious mountie voice. Too cute!
1/31/2020 c8 Guest
Love the story.
1/31/2020 c7 Guest
That flower thing was very sweet :) Is the poem about where Jack is buried?
1/31/2020 c6 Guest
Love it! I think they'll make a great team, Molly will be invaluable to Bill
1/31/2020 c5 Guest
He was at the funeral! Interesting development there, would love to hear more about that.
1/30/2020 c7 Ljd21690
I am so glad I stumbled upon your story today. It was lovely and so well written! Great job capturing the characters and the feel of the show. I could definitely imagine this happening. Please keep writing! I look forward to more chapters.
1/30/2020 c7 Guest
Love the story line. Please continue, can't wait for the next chapter!
1/30/2020 c7 20elizabethB88
So cute! Haha, I was giving Nathan an interior piece of my mind reading this, same as I did during the Christmas episode: "TALK TO ELIZABETH, DARN IT!" Lol. mean everything goes to hell in a handbasket soon?! *Deep breaths, deep breaths* I am soooo intrigued! Looking forward to where this story goes.
1/30/2020 c6 elizabethB88
Yep, I can totally see this happening too! I liked that you mentioned Roseleen; it's been driving me slightly batty that she just disappeared after season 1.
1/29/2020 c5 elizabethB88
Whoa...that really got my attention! Interested to see where you go with this...Also, kudos on getting these chapters out quickly! That's impressive.
1/29/2020 c4 elizabethB88
Oh yes, yes, yes! I totally love the idea of Fiona and Lucas, and his reaction to Elizabeth's teasing had me laughing out loud! Here's to hoping the writers are of the same mindset and place Lucas and Fiona together, and Nathan and Elizabeth together. You're doing a great this story! I can picture everything so clearly.
1/29/2020 c3 elizabethB88
You've captured the characters so well. This is great!
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