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for Legend of the Monkey God

12/1 c3 Dehaka
More please!
11/25 c3 2Lazy2Login
This fic has good potential, mate! Hope to see more of it soon!

This is the first fic of yours that I've read, so I don't know if you have anything like an update schedule or anything, but maybe you can lower the word count a bit on your chapters so you're putting out more? Or is the length of things a personal requirement of yourself? I dont know, just food for thought, but this is a pretty good fic to just leave it unattended between chapter releases for so long.

Oh well, you do you, mate. Good luck in life.
11/25 c3 3Wolfang21
Love it and also love Kelfa as well, since it is confirm different universes and timelines exist in dragon ball this can go for one of them, snd since we’re seeing all the potential harem members for this, future gohan is going to have many siblings, now it is no contest that gohan will be born between bulma and goku and we have seen what ge looks like thanks to a fan manga on deviant art, as for the child between Kefla and Goku i can saw to make them similar to Takashi from HOD as homage to Slick Goku and Kelfa parody son from youtbe Slick Goku aka 2GS aka Reggie who unfortunately is no longer with us, as for Launch and Goku kids i can just picture twin girls for them each based of their mothers personalities and having some if Gokus in their really want to read more
10/13 c3 Guest
Hope the next episode drops soon
9/25 c3 NavyZero8745
Don't know why you included kefla, kinda made the whole flow turn on it's head, and assuming she's a saiyan how you gonna explain that when bardock and gine barely sent kakarot cause he had a low as hell power level? She has that insane bullcrap talent like goku but better to improve mid fight and is a natural talent in super saiyan so how is that gonna be incorporated? And can I assume she's gonna be in the harem? Is goku gonna grow up a little bit, as he is now he's still a teen in a childs body, saiyans has massive growth spurts just wondering when he'll have his?
9/25 c1 NavyZero8745
I just realised this was 1 chapter, I wasn't even expecting all that much cause HOLY FREAK I thought I was reading a full series with multiple chapters, turns out it was just one, I was so lost in the story so thank you for the read author.
9/14 c3 E.Elliot
I love it! can't wait to see what will happen!
9/5 c1 Guest
7/10 A good DB fic where Goku keeps his memory of the Saiyans, it suffers from lack of updates as the time between each chapter the author changes their mind on the story's direction. The first chapter is the best for this reason as it seemed to have story beats that all connected to each other seamlessly.
8/29 c3 Troyanfire
Espero con ansias la continuación
8/28 c3 11jangoman1579
Story so good got me hyped to go work on my own DBZ story I said I'd do.

Great storytelling with amazing changes to how things played out. Bulma becoming a Saiyan was a twist that I didn't expect you to play on. I am glad that, despite Yamcha getting shafted, Launch is getting a great spotlight shined on her. Love the idea that the training they are doing is causing them to be synced up more and allowing for both blue and blonde versions to become better for it. I like the idea of Goku not COMPLETELY BEING STUPID in this and him knowing of his family or at least partially knowing them. Can't wait to see what happens next.
7/26 c1 ShiftHeart14
This was really good, and it was only the first chapter, I'm truly impressed please continue with this, is really one of the best straight played DBZ I've seen
7/25 c3 Dresden13
Go for it! Seriously though; building a harem and the members showing up years later just don’t make sense. Having them find their way there before they reach adulthood and start their relationships just makes so much more sense.

I mean; Goku got married right after the next tournament. So he was off the market at or around 19. Having all the members of the harem getting to know each other and figuring it all out would be better before the hectic time period when Vegeta tries to gather his people in preparation for a power play
7/21 c2 SeigZeon
I so love Bluma :D i think she was best for goku if it wasn't for his age
7/21 c1 SeigZeon
i so love this :D this is great
7/19 c3 ponchom255
please say your still working on this its so good reminds me of og dragon ball but with things that make sense and im reading it and can already feel that bulma x goku that i had with og db before yamcha and vegita
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