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for Legend of the Monkey God

9/23 c2 Guest
Needs to be finished great read
9/21 c2 2BlackRoseFire
Awesome story. I can't wait to see what happens next time.
9/13 c2 Guest
genial me alegro que lo continuaste gran capitúlo estuvo bueno la inclución de launch y la magia que aprenden de baba tambien es bueno espero la actualización pronto y la de tu nuevo fic el de hero academia con dxd tambien chao cuidate dtb
9/2 c1 Eminated
Huge fan of the idea of goku with kefla and 21
8/31 c2 sgmusic
Y'know... I don't think I've enjoyed a Dragonball fic until I found this one thanks to reading Emerald Phoenix. Here's hoping for another chapter soon. Maybe we can see the whole Budokai in a single post?
8/28 c2 dragon slayer of death 98
this is great can't wait for more, also hope this is a small harem with goku, bulma and launch
8/17 c1 Guest
i really liked this fic but then i realized that is going to be a harem :/
8/16 c2 ryani
I'm glad you came back to this story as I enjoyed the first chapter. Chapter 2 has definatly been a good chapter and I can't wait to c where u go with this.
8/11 c2 LEPS069
I hope you post more Monkey God chapters soon! This right here is one of my first Dragon Ball fics that I think is really good, so I hope it goes a long way with many chapters!
8/9 c2 please don't1
I don't know what to say, I love it! the best dragon ball story on this site ever! Story and just your writing in general is absolutely fantastic! wonderful story and keep up the wonderful work friend!
8/7 c2 Rin
This is the first Dragonball fic I've read...and I'm loving it.
I love how you portray the characters and their relationship development.

Really looking forward to how Goku will floor everyone in the next chapter.
8/5 c2 myafroatemydog
Another fantastic chapter
8/5 c2 Jiopaba
I'm with Kairomaru man, this is fucking great.
8/1 c2 UzuRyu
Those two chapters are straight 100/100. I NEED more.
I absolutely LOVE this story. Please, take as much time as you want but don't drop such a good story. That would be the greatest shame ever committed.
8/1 c2 Braeden1002
So I can say that it was less that I did not think that there was going to be a second chapter and more that I forgot that you even wrote a Dragonball story, to begin with. So in that regards it has been an enjoyable read and interesting to see how just having a Goku that is not as oblivious and stupid causes so many different changes in his interactions with everyone and especially with Bulma. I am also loving how the pairing so far seems to be leaning towards being Bulma and Goku which I am very glad for. The way that they have been developed, their choices, and their actions have been enjoyable to see as they both help each other grow in ways that they may not have initially thought could be done.

However, this may be my bias, but I do not want to see Goku with Chichi unless her character gets a major overhaul. If she were to be just kept as her canon self this version of Goku who is much smarter and at the very least more worldly and knowledgeable would not all himself to be treated that way. Moreover, this Goku is starting at a much higher physical standpoint when it comes to training and knowledge of Ki as well as he might find information about Frieze in his space ship which would mean that he would try and grow stronger to fight them. He would never allow himself to be pushed around and do things that he would never enjoy.

Though I do have a question, is Vegeta going to still be male or are we going to find ourselves with a Saiyan Princess instead of a Prince? I am just asking as it would be interesting to see how things could develop with a relationship that is a combination of rivalry and affection between all three of the characters; as to me it would great to see a pairing between Goku/Vegeta/Bulma.
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