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10/16/2020 c1 G silently
sir PLZ continue this story
10/11/2020 c1 Sayians4ever
After doing some thinking. I need to send my revamped version of my request.

So here it is again.

It is a Dragon Ball series and Senran Kagura crossover.

It is rated K-T. The sequels range from T-M.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 1: The World of the Story and Story Arcs.

The world of the Story is a fusion of the Dragon Ball multiverse and Senran Kagura. The Earth is a fusion of the universe 7 Earth and Senran Kagura Earth with Son Goku going down events of the original Dragon Ball series and some of the Senran Kagura games before going into Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT for the finale.

But their are multiple twists to the original Dragon Ball story.

1. Goku grows up in the Mountains but is a childhood and lifelong friend and Asuka’s eventual boyfriend.

2. All the Gods of Earth’s mythology and religions are real. When the Gods of myth get involved they have all the abilities of all their legends, their pop culture counterparts and their various incarnations and the characters that they inspired in pop culture. They are as powerful from the viewpoint of the ancient cultures that worshipped them and can do anything that can be imagined with their spheres of influence but a creator or head deity of a mythology and religion is virtually omnipotent. Their only weaknesses are the ones found in their original religions and mythologies.

The reason why many of the Gods of Earth are no longer active is because that after the Age of Legends they developed a non interference policy on the mortal world; at least for those still around. Most of Earth’s pantheons have moved on and all have created their own universes outside of Zeno’s authority and the Gods of Myth have all ascended to a higher plane of existence beyond anything in Dragon Ball by mastering and perfecting the Magic of their religions and Dragon Ball Magic along with Ki.

How the influence of the Gods of Mythology being real applies to Kami and his position is this.

The position of Kami is one that the Gods of Earth created to act as a messenger as well as be their emissary and ambassador to the Kai’s and Xeno and be the protector of the Earth but Kami is still mortal hence why their is more than one but they all have God Ki.

Shin and Old Kai are not the only surviving Supreme Kai’s of Universe 7. The Supreme Kai Avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes are here as characters and allies to the protagonists as Shin’s juniors and eventually they reach Super Saiyan Blue levels of power.

The Demon God Avatars in the Dragon Ball Hero games are here and they are stronger than Dabura. They are the creators of the Yoma.

3. Bardock convinced the Saiyans of Freiza’s evil and there are enough survivors for the Universe Seven Saiyans to not be on the edge of extinction or need to breed with other species to survive. The Saiyans reform and work on getting revenge on Freiza. Bardock becomes a mixture of his original Dragon Ball Z incarnation and his Dragon Ball Super incarnation with his powers and character development.

4. The main cast are children when you start the story and become teenagers when you go into the later parts of Dragon Ball and Senran Kagura proper. All the characters are still teenagers when you go into Dragon Ball Z and their mid twenties to early thirties when you go into Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball GT they reach their 60’s.

5. Nappa and Raditz survive the Saiyan Saga and change for the better.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 2: The Powers and Abilities of the Main Cast.

At the beginning Goku is as strong as he is at the start of Dragon Ball but gets everything that he can do officially across the franchise and gains more. From Senran Kagura Son Goku learns how use the energies of Yin and Yang and Senran Kagura Ninjutsu and Ninja scrolls.

When Goku transforms into a Ozaruu for the first time, the gang decide not to tell him that he crushed his grandpa. But when Goku goes Ozaruu at the Tenkaichi Budokai the gang tells Goku the truth and Goku understands that he killed his grandpa so he keeps his tail and works to master the Oozaru and the primal powers within him as a form of both self expression and atonement.

Due to Goku’s even harder work ethic Son Goku eventually gains all his official Super Sayian transformations and everything that he has officially from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. That includes the Anime, the movies, special’s, filler arcs, Video games, and the Dragon Ball Super Manga. All the transformations that appear in the Dragon Ball Franchise that Son Goku gets officially are composites of the transformations at their best from across the franchise.

In the Buu Saga Goku’s arc when dealing with the Beast within comes to a close when Goku learns about Super Sayian 4 from Old Kai and works to master it. Goku masters Golden Ozaruu, reaches Super Sayian 4 and Super Full Power Sayian 4 to destroy Kid Buu and save the universe. Goku reaches Super Sayian 4 Limit Breaker between the events of the Buu Saga and Super.

In Dragon Ball Super Goku gains all the transformations and abilities he has in both the Anime and Manga of Dragon Ball Super without drawbacks as he trained to overcome them. Son Goku also gains the remaining powers of his inspirations Sun Wukong from Journey to the West and Hanuman from the Ramayana aside from their immortality and invulnerability.

Son Goku also gets the equipment and weapons that the Gold and Silver Horned Kings had in Journey to The West and the weapons and equipment of Sun Wukong.

If I missed anything Sun Wukong could do in Journey to the West, Goku learns it.

Super Strength: Sun Wukong at his weakest could easily lift one ton and kill a tiger in a single strike right after breaking the mountain he was imprisoned under for 500 years in half. He could have lifted the mountain off him if the Buddha didn’t place a binding seal on it.

Not Quite Flight: Though he is capable of actual flight Sun Wukong's cloud jumping allows him to reach the Celestial Heavens In a Single Bound or cross an ocean. Sun Wukong is able to cartwheel halfway across the world in a single leap.

Nigh Invulnerable and Complete Immortality:

Sun Wukong took in multiple immortality inducing substances when just one would have given him complete immortality. Sun Wukong after training under a Taoist Sage became functionally immortal and after that he wrote his name and the names of his subjects out of The Book of Life and Death then he ate the Peach Fruit of Immortality, drinking The Heavenly Wine of the Jade Emperor and eating Laozi’s Pills of Immortality.

Sun Wukong survived being burned alive by a Fire that can kill immortals for 48 days and became even stronger with the elixir of immortality hardening in his body and he survived having a mountain dropped on him by the Buddha himself. During the Journey to The West Sun Wukong after eating the Human Faced Fruit became immortal. Sun Wukong is fairly fireproof with him being immune to Earthly and Heavenly Fire with only The True Fire of Samadhi able to hurt him. Even most Demonic Weapons were useless against him. Sun Wukong after the Journey to the West ascended into the Heavens as a Buddha.

Self-Duplication: One of Wukong's signature moves has him pulling out a bunch of his hair and blowing on them, resulting in each hair turning into a clone of him.

Goku can duplicate with the Multiform technique but it divides the strength of the user in proportion to the amount of copies. Son Goku masters both Duplication techniques but uses Sun Wukong’s version as it did not drain Wukong.

Enlightenment Super Powers: Wukong’s magic comes from studying Taoism and learning the secrets of the universe from his master and through intense training.

Son Goku in cannon gains a form of enlightenment by mastering his life force. In this story Goku learns to use the energies of Yin and Yang with his Ki. Son Goku also studies Dragon Ball and Taoist magic. Son Goku when he is going through the Senran Kagura Arcs unlocks and masters his chakras via Buddhist meditation and Yoga exercises and learns Senran Kagura Ninjutsu and becomes the Avatar of Hanuman.

Goku masters Dragon Ball Magic and Taoist Magic after years of intense training and study when he is training with Kami and gains some of Sun Wukong’s abilities.

Voluntary Shapeshifting: Allegedly 72 transformations, but in fact he can transform into whatever he likes.

Goku is the king of transformations with the Ozaruu form, Kaio-Ken, and the Super Saiyan transformations.

Goku ends up getting more battle transformations because of Ninja Scrolls and Senran Kagura Ninjutsu and gets all the transformations of Sun Wukong when studying Taoism and Goku masters the Ozaruu form, the Kaio-Ken, and Goku gets all his official transformations including all his official Super Saiyan transformations from across the entire franchise.

Mind over Matter: Sun Wukong is capable of telekinesis, and can make inanimate objects come to life.

Goku’s ki gives him Telepathy and Telekinesis!

Trade Mark Weapon: Sun Wukong had an indestructible staff called the Ryui-Jingu-Ban that could expand and retract, change size, and stretch long enough to give Sun Wukong a bridge to Heaven and under the Dragon King of the Western Seas it could control the world’s Ocean's and Tides and it was able to both measure and hold down the Milky Way.

Goku's Power Pole eventually gains those abilities.

World's Greatest Warrior: At the start of his adventures Sun Wukong defeated the 4 Heavenly Kings, 28 Constellations, three celestial armies, Nezha the Lotus Prince, and proved himself the equal of Erlang Shen. Sun Wukong then fought the heavenly army of 100,000 strong at the same time, ripped through heaven's greatest champions again and not just survived every thing they could throw at him, but HE GOT STRONGER. By the time he was punished by The Buddha he was on the brink of becoming the Emperor of Heaven. During the journey, Sun Wukong is able to fight and defeat just about every opponent including The Dragon of the Heavens. Each one able to fight like a god.

Goku has fought Gods, Demons, Androids, Aliens, Dragon's and in Dragon Ball GT Goku is the greatest warrior in the universe in that timeline.

Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: After the events of Journey to the West Sun Wukong ascended into a Buddha.

Son Goku gains the power of a god in Dragon Ball Super because Goku gained God Ki and the Super Sayian God Forms. Goku ascended to a higher plane of existence in Dragon Ball GT.

In this story Son Goku becomes the Avatar of Hanuman, gains God Ki, becomes a Super Saiyan God, and ascends to a higher plane of existence at the end of the story and becomes something more.

Magic Eyes: Sun Wukong had special eyes that could see through all lies, disguises, transformations, and illusions. They could shoot laser beams all the way to Heaven but they had problems with smoke.

Son Goku after years of practicing magic in this story has his eyes gain those supernatural powers along with his sensing abilities but without the weaknesses of Sun Wukong’s.

Instant Mastery: Sun Wukong could master any spell or technique with the bare minimum of instruction after seeing it once.

Goku can master any technique if he is taught the basics.

Speaks fluent animal: Sun Wukong could talk to and command animals. Horses to be precise.

In this story Son Goku gets his own Ninja Scroll and Animal Summons and it is a Monkey who teaches him how to talk to animals.

Super Not Drowning Skills. Sun Wukong could survive Underwater without oxygen no problem.

Intangible Man: Sun Wukong could phase through Metal and Rock unhindered.

Here is Hanuman’s profile and abilities.

Hanuman is one of the supporting characters in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. Hanuman is the son of Vayu the Wind God and is one of the kind and cheerful Vanara who befriends Rama and Lakshmana.

Celibate Hero: Hanuman was not interested in having relationships, so he swore an oath of eternal Brahmacharya. This is not the case in the versions in Thailand as he has a romance with the mermaid Suvannamaccha and conceives a son with her.

Son Goku was not really interested in romance until he married Chi-Chi.

Dating Catwoman: In the Thai versions Hanuman has a romance with Ravana's daughter, Suvannamaccha, after she becomes his opponent for a time. His wooing of her and explaining the reason for the war on her father spurs her to turn good.

Goku has turned his enemies into his allies in cannon and in this story Goku has formerly Evil Ninja in his harem.

All-Loving Hero, Nice Guy, and Humble Hero: Hanuman is humble to a fault. He never told Rama about himself. He even leaves the venue out of embarrassment when the Sage Agastya starts telling Hanuman's backstory to Rama. Hanuman is of a very amiable personality.

Goku is humble and kind to a fault. He is pure of heart and is usually giving people a second chance.

Monkey King Lite: Hanuman isn't the same as Sun Wukong, but you can see the similarities. Some scholars think Sun Wukong may have been influenced by Hanuman. Sun Wukong can be traced back to about 1000 years, and the Ramayana is even older.

Goku is this trope.

Story-Breaker Power, Superpower Lottery, and World's Strongest Man: As a child, Hanuman was blessed by the gods with Complete Immortality, shapeshifting, absolute invulnerability, super strength, perfect health, and immunity from diseases, fire and drowning. Hanuman is so strong that he can lift entire Himalayan mountains and fly all the way to Lanka in one night. Hanuman is even immune to the Brahmastra, which is equivalent to a nuclear weapon.

Goku is so strong that he can take on almost anyone. He has Energy blasts, Super transformations, flight, teleportation, a healing factor, can recover from grievous wounds and get stronger, and has only been sick twice! In Dragon Ball GT Goku is the strongest warrior in the universe in that timeline!

All the characters from the Dragon Ball and Senran Kagura series end up gaining all their cannon powers and abilities. The Senran Kagura girls must train under Master Roshi, The Crane Hermit, Mister Popo, Kami, King Kai, and the Z Fighters to learn their techniques and reach new levels of power and they all have their potential unlocked in various ways to keep up. Some drink The Ultra Divine Water and survive, some have their potential awakened by Grand Elder Guru of Namek, and others go through the ritual of The Old Kai.

But the Saiyans gain greater power.

When Raditz turns good he reaches Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 4, Super Sayian God and Super Sayian Blue.

When Nappa turns good he gets Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Sayian 4 and his power ups in the MasakoX video series What if Nappa turned Good?

Vegeta gets everything that he has officially from across the franchise.

Broly is his Dragon Ball Super self but gets everything that he has officially from both his Z and Super counterparts.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 3: Parings. Son Goku unknowingly at first being Goku gets a harem made up of these girls: Chichi, Asuka, Hibari, Heruka, Hikage, and Homura. In time Goku keeps them all happy and has kids with all of them. Krillin gets with Android 18, and Vegeta gets with Bulma.

Raditz gets with Launch and has two daughters and two sons with her.

The rest of the Dragon Ball cast find love interests from the Senran Kagura girls and the Senran Kagura cast find love from the Dragon Ball series or from their home franchise.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 4: Character portrayals. Everyone is as cannon like as possible except for two exceptions. Goku is mostly himself but he gets a decent education albeit with great difficulty and becomes a hero who inspires people to be better like in the English Dub. Nappa and Raditz survive the Sayian Saga and change for the better and get stronger because of it.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 5: The Ending and The Legacy Of Goku.

After Goku, his harem, and the Z Fighters win the Tournament of Power and face the Super version of Broly and put down Freiza. Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa train the Saiyan survivors to reach the Super Saiyan transformations and to use magic, the energies of Yin and Yang and Ki to defend the universe when they are gone and Goku also trains Uub to protect Earth.

After a time skip the events of GT play out albeit somewhat altered except for the ending. The team collect the Black Star Dragon Balls because the Pilaf Gang made a wish on them and because the cast overusing Earth’s Dragon Balls the Shadow Dragons are born and rampage across the Earth and they create a rift connecting Earth to Hell furthering the damages to the planet and the gang have to clean up the mess. After Goku and his companions defeat the Shadow Dragons, Goku has to leave Earth with Shenron to prevent people from relying on the Dragon Balls until the Earth can stand on its own. When Goku, Shenron, and the Earth’s Dragon Balls leave the mortal world Goku, Shenron, and the Earth’s Dragon Balls Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence and Goku gets the Immortality and Invulnerability of both Hanuman and Sun Wukong. Son Goku becomes an Immortal and Invulnerable Warrior God who will protect the Universe but only when he is truly needed. Goku when he leaves Earth evolves into something more than a Supreme Kai, a God of Destruction, or a Super Saiyan God.

To help Earth evolve Krillin and Tien bring back the Turtle and Crane Houses of Martial Arts. Gohan when he is born and grows up writes the Ki Manuel’s from Dragon Ball Online and builds his own martial arts school with all the techniques and paths to enlightenment his father earned and learned as it’s teachings. The Senran Kagura girls also open their own martial arts and Ninja schools.

What happens to Goku is something special. Goku over the years is given proper credit for his adventures on Earth and across the universe much to his dismay. Goku became one of the youngest martial artists to ever become a finalist in The Tenkaichi Budokai and destroyed the Red Ribbon Army with reporters and private investigators finding out the truth. When King Piccolo rampages Goku strikes him down and people were their to report the incident and Goku is given credit as their were cameras and it was live. After a interview Goku reveals the truth of the Red Ribbon Army’s fall and is rewarded for defeating the Red Ribbon Army but keeps the Dragon Balls a secret. During the Senran Kagura arcs, Goku was the one who slayed The First Yoma and the Shinobi world owes Goku a massive debt. Son Goku then wins The Tenkaichi Budokai and after defeating Piccolo Jr Goku is seen as a hero. In the Cell Saga Goku defeats Perfect Cell and lives and is rewarded.

At the end of the story Son Goku is hailed as the greatest Martial Artist of All Time. Because of his exploits Goku becomes a legendary hero who saved the world multiple times to the point some Hindu’s think that he was a avatar of Hanuman and some Buddhists think that he was a reincarnation of Sun Wukong. Among the Gods he is one who has achieved enlightenment, a great warrior who through hard work gained immortality, surpassed Gods, and became a hero to his universe. That is the legacy of Son Goku.
10/11/2020 c1 myafroatemydog
Pretty good first chapter
10/2/2020 c1 1Ouroboros Maelstrom
Why, why why why why does this thing only has one chapter?!
10/1/2020 c1 d
need more chapters plz
9/26/2020 c1 randyr2015
Love it hope you keep updating
9/23/2020 c1 GODKINGASH
9/15/2020 c1 1SSJ2 Teen Gohan
Update it the fanfiction is sick!
9/14/2020 c1 Guest
Amazing, I really like this fic, please continue
9/13/2020 c1 3X9-Killbot
I would loveto see the reactions from Bulma's parents.
9/13/2020 c1 kogentasprimo
looking forward to more chapters if there are any more in the works.
9/11/2020 c1 TheGreenKraken
Honestly I've seen a lot of fics that alter beginning circumstances and then run with it. This is a step above in that regard and the writing is superb. I really hope it gets continued.
9/9/2020 c1 4Greatazuredragon
I really like the idea of this fic, and hope you turn it into a main story.
Bulma as a pseudo-sayan has so much potential! And its an idea I've never seen before!
Great work, keep it up!
9/7/2020 c1 1RV-Xrd
Your story was quite interesting.
Your point about power levels does have one flaw that I thought was worth mentioning.
In an interview Toriyama did confirm that he considers movies to be timelines entirely separate from the one he writes and as such he is just as an audience member for them.
A character from the movies cannot be fairly compared with those from the main timeline (Toriyama's work) and- in most cases, even the other movies for this reason (except for Broly, due to statements from the movie Director Koyama to that effect).
For example, Goku in the Tree of Might has a power level of 30k despite the time line stating it was before Vegeta arrived (Vegeta having a power level of 18k and Goku being 8k by the time of their battle).
Additionally, the Daizenshuu backs this up by mentioning how in the Broly movie it was odd that they were having a party instead of prepping for Cell, further reinforcing the idea that things in that movie were not quite the same as the main time line.
So as per your example, it would simply mean Pilaf in that specific movie is stronger than Goku from the main series. Nothing less, nothing more.
I highly recommend Totally Not Marks video on the importance of power levels. SeththeProgrammer goes over a number of the same points I just made in his Ranking every Saiyans video and more infamously in his Broly wars where he explains why MOVIE Broly is stronger than MOVIE Gogeta.
Can't wait to see the rest of your ideas. This was a great read.
9/4/2020 c1 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter. Hope you continue this. :D :)
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