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7/8 c2 2Ryuujin96
Awesome work on this chapter and on this story. I love that you had Bulma become a Saiyan and have her get stronger. I also like that you included a bigger role for Launch, and that she's getting stronger as well and is learning ki and magic.

I look forward to reading chapter 3 when it comes out,.
7/6 c2 redmen6blight
This is now my favorite DBZ fic I have read so far thank you for the good story.
7/5 c1 Darckcarlos
How do dolphins know what a tail is?
7/5 c2 TheCarcassKing

Also I'm gonna take you on the Idea 4/5, some time.

And, oh, wow, I think the Saiyan temper is starting to get to Bulma rn.
7/4 c2 TheCarcassKing
We never take note of Saiyans' sensory abilities, something that may come from their evolutionary precedence, being omnivore predators in their origins (just speculating) but is something that should be of importance and worth writing about.

And, I remember the inclusion of having Grandpa Gohan's wife still alive on a what-if covering the scenario of Goku leading a relationship with Bulma in the long-term, so I guess I finally know where that tidbit came from lol.
7/4 c1 TheCarcassKing
Hooooh~, that scene of Gohan/Bulma is almost the same as the one with Gohan/Videl!
7/4 c1 TheCarcassKing
So, the Minus and Special is merged here leading to a mix of the those outcomes...
6/25 c2 Devon18
This was great i actually really liked the way you did the training Arc all the new stuff you added was great and fun plus the fact that they all know magic now is super dope.

Can't wait for the next chapter to come out hope it's faster than the last one
6/23 c2 biotech2135
I love the diverging character development, I’m seeing a lot of great ideas here.
6/17 c2 yoto
bon chapitre
6/19 c2 alejandro uzumaki
gran capitulo
ya estoy ansiando el próximo
6/16 c2 deoxeyses
6/13 c2 Gobernante
I am a Latin-speaking reader, and I want to see more chapters, you are quite famous here, a friend recommended your fanfic, I hope to read more often.

Greetings the Overlord,

Pos data: can you do a Crossover DBZ with DXD Like Issei like El Prota Sayan, or DBZ and HP Like Harry El Sayan Prota? Even a change of genders of goku and vegeta?
5/28 c2 Guest
Loved the 2 chapters and I can't wait for more soon so excited!
5/28 c2 Guest
This chapter, and the story in general, is epic.
This is possibly the best written Dragon Ball fics I’ve ever seen.
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