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for Legend of the Monkey God

5/26 c1 Guest
This was fantastic. I really have nothing else to say. Great job.
5/28 c2 HollowSeven
So. Who is a main character here? Goku? Bulma? Both?
5/27 c2 2Vilkath
I really like how this story started out so far and I hope the next chapter isn't 2 years away p Joking aside I love what has been done so far in terms of changes. Launch is perhaps the best bit imo. So few people consider helping her at all. Some stories might make her a more popular character or love interest but nearly no one looks into personality changes in terms of fixing it.

Which is really funny if you think about it, if it's a magic curse as this fic pointed out Babba should been able to help. If it's a Ki based cursed nearly any the master martial artist like Kami might been able to help.

And of course there is always the dragon balls... perhaps something like wishing both Launches had their own bodies, ability to control the changes or something. Kind of funny no one ever really helps her tbh given all the stupid things are wished on.
5/27 c2 DarkPirateKing69
Yep, definitely gonna favorite this one. Hopefully your inspiration for this one lasts! Keep up the good work and thx for the effort!
5/27 c2 2FreakShowMilotic
Very nice please continue
5/24 c2 Guest
Loved this chapter can't wait for the next one.
5/25 c2 ephemeralclarity
Really good work!
5/24 c2 hero no.5
good story so far
5/24 c2 shukkets
5/24 c2 shukkets
I already love this fic, an entire arc fit in one episode with detail is just amazing
5/24 c2 MadManWithAHat
hahahahahahaha yessssss
5/22 c2 A nani moose
Whether you or Kairo see this review, just know that we all are very happy to see that this story hasn't been abandoned. Can't wait to see where you take it from here!
5/24 c2 2Mugen-Muse
Well, Bulma did wish to be more like Goku. That appears to include the ability to use Flying Nimbus. I imagine Roshi will have "fun" trying to pull off what he did in canon during the tournament. Granted, the Goku in this story has at least one reason to keep up with his training. Bulma will probably train just as hard so she can stand beside him. Given what they already have at their disposal, any saiyan that shows up on Earth will be in for quite a fight. Though I wonder what Vegeta will think should he hear the story of how Bulma went from being human to saiyan.

In hindsight, I wonder why canon didn't have anyone think about using the Dragon Balls to turn people into a particular species.
5/24 c1 EANID
It looks great! Keep it up author
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