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5/20 c2 djinn
great fanfiction
5/22 c2 19Menydragon5
Very enjoyable chapter. It is worth the wait if you ask me. I hope you continue this story because I would love to see how you have the tournament play out.
5/20 c2 Shin
I like this, the fact that in the first chapter you had Goku learn the transformation ability made him even more like his legendary counterpart. Also the fact that BULMA is with him as a Saiyan? I'll admit I'm a sucker for Goku/Bulma as a pairing..especially with how Chichi turned out after she got older and how controlling of Gohan she was. I don't mind a harem pairing with Goku and Bulma but I'm also a sucker for Saiyan transformation so that there are more of them..I've actually made a Saiyan Chichi and Saiyan Bulma in Xenoverse before lol...of course my version of Bulma still had her debut purple hair color which I actually prefer to the blue/greenish blue she's more known for. I'm looking forward to seeing where this fic goes in the future, especially with how things have been changed.
5/22 c2 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
great . pls update mor thnks
5/22 c2 FalcoD
man, that's some good shit. thanks for this! I really like your style of writing and your story is thoroughly entertaining. Love how you wrote Launch. See ya in 2 years haha. Joking aside I'd gladly pay you a coffee or something as a thank you.
5/22 c2 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Goku, Bulma (who is a Saiyan but still retains her love and dedication for science), Krillin and Launch all train under Master Roshi in the ways of the Kame Sennin.

Magic Materialization is seriously OP. I'm still shocked Goku is actually learning Magic in this AU. A major divergence alright.
5/20 c2 MrX
If the two Launches were able to fully synchronize their personality could become similar to Retsu Unohana and their hair will turn green? She will likely become the mistress of the house, healer, saboteur and long-range attacker.
Bulma will be the strategist, inventor and mid-range attacker; thanks to her great intelligence she should be able to enter a large area with remote controlled ki attacks with her multitasking.
This Goku due to the memories of his grandfather's death and being smarter in the future he could become a professional healer.
In my opinion Goku should have at most two girlfriends because otherwise the story would lose substance and it would block the growth of the characters.
I hope that no other girl expresses a desire to become a sayan because it would lose its originality and Gohan's rapid growth was due to being half human. If Dr. Gero were to die during the defeat of the RR it would be possible to skip the Cell saga, perhaps free C17 and C18 at the beginning or before their experimentation.
Chi-Chi / C17?
I think an interesting change from the canon would be if Junior was raised by Goku, Bulma and Launch; they would just chase the egg thrown up by the dying Satan but they wouldn't feel able to kill a child.
5/21 c2 Kazuto Tetsuya
I'm so happy that this has another chapter up, I can't put the right description of what I'm feeling right now but the wait was more than worth it.
Thank you and thank you to Kairomaru too for this.
5/21 c2 fresh prince1
thanks for the new chapter
5/21 c2 Lavick Vell
Thank you so much for updating this! The first chapter alone, easily made this the best Dragon Ball story I've ever read.

This chapter was everything I was hoping for. I always expected a large focus to be put on training and I thought you did a good job with it. It was nice to see some Goku/Bulma added in as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ways you've changed Launch. With her becoming a competent fighter, perhaps she'll be interested in becoming a Saiyan as well when the Dragon Balls can be used again.
5/21 c2 BoredKing
Damn, I was hoping this we could sew the tournament before the end of this chapter. Please don't leave us hanging for 2 years again.
5/21 c2 An Overthinker
I made an undignified sound when I looked at Kairomaru's favorite stories and saw this at the top. Great chapter and I look forward to more.
5/21 c2 linx007
Once again you remind me of how much BETTER a show could have been if the creators didn't completely lobotomize even the supposed smart characters in a show! So many interesting things had been touched on in the early days only to be completely forgotten about in the name of the ever-increasing power level (which I think has so many zeroes in it now as to be redundant, I mean super saiyan god? Really?) Loving that Launch gets to be a relevant character and can't wait to one day see someone like Vegata's reaction to actually getting hurt by a "backwater primitives weapon". Amazing work as always and I can't wait to read whatever you decide to put out next!
5/21 c2 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
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