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for A Phoenix and a Raven

5/12 c8 2grayskies28
This one-shot is so good
3/26 c8 Mariyana
I really like It
Good work
3/7 c7 Mariyana
Really good chapter. I recently readed the original script from the 1st movie Its a Shame they take off the good parts where you can see how much these two are in love even when they dont say it with words, your story is the missing part of that
2/20 c5 Mariyana
I am not fan of AU Esther but I really like this one! Aré you o,an inglés to continue with the crossover of Wizardly Word? if so enchatnmes would be a very interesting class with Diaval as a Raven form
2/8 c3 Guest
Could you please do one where it’s a build up to their graduation and their helping each other with exams and picking outfits and then they confess their love for each other in the end?
2/5 c4 Mariyana
Yeiiii another great chapter,love the chemestry between this two!
2/5 c4 45Loads of Randomness
Hahaha brilliant
2/1 c3 Mariyana
Oh my God! Im not a fan of crossovers but I just loved it! Really It is pretty awsome. Aré you planning to add more chapters in the future? I certanly look forward to.
1/30 c2 Mariyana
Wow this was awesome A Absolutely loved Iris!
Please more to come

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