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for Thus The EDF Deployed There

6/6 c20 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/6 c20 454godamora
Giant monster battle!
6/6 c20 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
5/11 c19 Halo
Oh god those elves are gonna get themselves and Itami killed! They were bad in older rocket launchers, now imagine railguns! Itami should know that type of weaponry should never ever be used by civilians or untrained people! This is dumb.
5/12 c19 1Kargan3033
Another fine chapter I like how you are following the Gate cannon but adding your own twists to it, I look forward to seeing how the *Gang* handle this dragon for Yao and the dark elves.
5/11 c19 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
4/13 c18 Guest
I'm going to ignore the jedi part because I hate triple crossovers.
4/13 c18 edboy4926
Good chapter.
3/24 c2 3Jam-Man265
Oh we are the valiant infantry.
We are the alpha team with passion and camaraderie.
Hear us as we shout at the top our lungs, be calm and be bold and raise your guns!
High up in the air our comrades fight, dashing through the sky now like million bolts of light.
We shall spread out wings wide and fly high, soaring, gliding through the endless sky!
It's only with our sacrifice, that mankind can still exist in paradise.
To defend our dearest Mother Earth, we're ready to give up our lives!
3/13 c17 Guest
You should have show the wing diver too.
3/12 c17 1Kargan3033
Heh!, nothing like overwhelming fire power to make a *peace* deal run smoothly.

Thanks for another fine chapter, glad to see you are still working on this story.
3/8 c17 Guest
There no new chap
3/7 c17 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
3/7 c17 MarauderPrime12
Don’t F with the EDF
Excellent chapter
2/9 c16 2Dead344156
You fucked uo thats what
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