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2/28/2020 c1 9EverleighBain
I am going to betray my short literary memory and confess I can’t remember who is who besides Gavroche and Marius, but I DO know good writing when I see it. You don’t use a single extra word, and I for one appreciate a good spare style. Nothing shaggy about it, which is more difficult than people might think. Very well done.

I can also tell you see the friendships here very clearly, and are fascinated by the interactions between these brothers-in-arms. I love the kind of one-shot that swoops in close and doesn’t look away for a string of very specific moments—from a glance at some of your other stories I can tell you craft that sort of thing with skill.

So glad to see all the stories you’ve put up in recent months! Makes me happy to see someone’s creativity clicking right along :)

1/29/2020 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary
Aaahh I didn't get the notif for this! Bad FFN!

This is so immersive. You portray Courfeyrac's confusion in the chaos that's happening around him so well, as well as his relief at being saved. His joy at seeing Marius was so precious, it gave me unbelievably warm feelings. Fantastic as always. :D
1/29/2020 c1 19CarawynO
Nice to see a positive moment in a horrific situation. Very well done, describing the relief that Courfeyrac felt at being saved from what he thought was certain death!

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