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10/15 c10 Jostanos
Both Chapters 9 & 10 pass, Sci. Not only that, but they are also, in my eyes: Flawless.. :)

Matsuo is not making a cameo this time.

*Said mauve haired lad sulks in his room*
6/17 c8 fraidykat
Damn you! I saw that, you smiled. You will drive me to drink...well soda, since I am allergic to all forms of alcohol. At least you are putting out work and staying busy which is good. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
6/17 c8 Jostanos
I have one itty bitty gripe about this chapter, Sci.. *sighs* You forgot the ending quotation marks for Highwind's response to Ignis. *shrugs* Meh. You pass anyway so~..

What happens now? Who exactly is attacking them and may they (The attackers) be defeated before The Highwind is brought down?
6/5 c7 Jostanos
My apologies, Ladies and gents, but our mauve haired observer is indisposed at the moment.
Easy now! Easy! Matsuo will eventually return, but he has to recuperate for now.
Eh? "Recuperate from what?" you ask? *sighs* Need you ask? Depression with a side of allergies.

Alas the depression also rings true for me, but I am here.
The difference between me and Matsuo? *a voice calls from off screen* "HE'S MY WRITER! _ACHOO!_"

*ahem* Please continue when you may, Sci.
6/1 c7 fraidykat
arghhhhh! Damn you! Oh well, I know you do that just to get me going and then slam the door shut, right. Yeah grin now I will enact payment, hehehe. I hope you are staying safe and well.
4/11 c6 Lmppsc
hummmm, I wonder how this will turn out …
4/11 c3 Lmppsc
Honestly, I don't think I have ever been so mad at a character before. I just wish I could hit Iggy in the jugular... multiple times... with a hammer... Is that bad? Nawww that's normal. Anyways, I just wish Iggy said to Prompto 'unit 81723981 (I know that's not his number, but just work with me) please speak your mind' or 'you are free to speak'. I just want to have Prompto let Iggy have it!
4/11 c2 Lmppsc
I cant... I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WHERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! so much emotion at 2 in the morning... I need sleep, this cant be healthy at all. This story is surprisingly hard for me to read, but I think its because I have never read a story where one of the mains turn on the others! Ugh such heart ack, the horror, when will it end!
4/10 c1 Lmppsc
before I start reading this next lovely tale, I would just like to say I will always, when asked to choose a pairing, pick my boy Prompto and the handsome man Noct!
3/4 c6 Jostanos

"Things may be worse or better than those reports say they are, sir." a mauve haired "intelligence officer" said cryptically to Cor "I have heard rumors that there may be an attempt to save.. no.. no.. I can't. GAH! MY HEAD!"
2/10 c5 Jostanos
Omake?: "Why do I have the feeling that some of the memories that they thought that they had erased are still there, or are reemerging?" a familiar mauve haired lad asks no-one in particular.
2/6 c4 ChaoticInscriber
It feels like this is a little less a question of Ignis' loyalty to the Empire than it is his loyalty and affection for his friends. He pragmatic enough to restrain himself from mourning too much anything else he's lost with this whole thing - the city was falling anyway, all that changed was how his friends lived afterwards. But those few closest, most precious bonds? He may be mostly loyal but he still misses them, regrets what's happened to them even if he'd be okay with just tucking them all away in the middle of nowhere, unable to interfere with the Empire but also safely in only Ignis' care and authority so they are safe. Even as a loyal minion of the Empire he still cares for his friends and can still regret unpleasantness they are experiencing. He can still do what he can to keep them close and safe and well cared for, and even if he's not so loyal there isn't much he can do differently now that they are all so deep within the Empire's core. Prompto having the protection of being able to Only follow Ignis' orders helps, he isn't bound to the whim of someone else shouting an override code or something, but Noct is only barely better than the dead weight he was while dangerously drugged right now and Gladio isn't enough in the loop to restrain his loud crankiness long enough to go along with any necessary playacting even if Ignis thinks of a way to manipulate things to get him available.

Lovely, now my brain has decided to ponder on whether it would have occurred to the boys to develop their own codes - there are definitely a plethora of "secret" codes meant to confirm identities and warn/hint at various potentially hazardous scenarios flitting about a Royal Court, and with the Crown Prince involved they ought to know more of them than anyone but the King and his few Own who they hadn't quite succeeded yet (Cor, Clarus, etc.). When teaching things like that to a group of kids, why wouldn't they start making up a few of their own, or even be told to do so since they would know better what would and wouldn't be suspicious to be overheard saying or doing? Plus it'd be easier for them to remember reliably.
Iggy's Uncle might have passed along knowledge of many of them, but half the point of having the kids make up their own set as well is that no one but them would know them all, just in case, and while Iggy might have also been passing information, why would he have need to inform on all of their childish "secret language" details? Perhaps some of the grown-up, acknowledged ones, but I'd bet both Gladio and Ignis still remember some outdated versions from when they were all tiny brats of barely-pubescent age. Noct won't remember any more and Prompto may never have had the chance to learn any but some of the most important grown-up set, but I can't think of a better way for Ignis to tip Gladio off that there are Things Afoot without getting caught - both are smart enough to manage some clever wordplay and use in-jokes (of a sort) that no one else would get, but if Gladio is Upset enough it might take him a long time to realize and it would be dangerously easy for someone Informed enough to notice something Awry in how Ignis is speaking. His Uncle was only "dead" for five years, after all, and they can't assume there aren't security cameras around.
(By "childish" set I mean partially ones for things like Noct signaling them to "Rescue Me!" but it's from other kids, obsessively gushy girls, or creepy adults at a party so it's a different signal than "Rescue Me!" from a potential kidnapper or assassin, etc., things like that. Maybe Gladio and Ignis had some of their own to warn each other silently about The Days Exasperations like Noct having a particularly bad day, or stubborn one, or escapist/avoidance one... In case they couldn't say it aloud because they'd have a tiny Prince giving them the stink eye or there were Adults About they weren't inclined to be overheard by - it's one thing for Noct's dad to know he's having a Problem day, it's entirely another for any random council member or stranger to do so.)
2/6 c4 fraidykat
Well the other shoe just dropped. Poor Gladio. You are a sadist stopping your chapters at the most horrible spots, which goes to show how good you are.
Thank you,
2/6 c4 Jostanos
Not to burst your bubble, Sci, but you do have a few misspelled words in this chapter and it would be nice if you would fix them soon. Thank you. :)
2/1 c3 PheonixQueen15
Iggy as a traitor, that’s new!
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