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12/9 c21 MachaTea
12/7 c21 Akvis
Kudos !
11/26 c20 2Kyo no Kitsune
"That was amazing, Bambietta! I never knew spirits could pass on like that."
Bro, I get that you are taking some liberties with canon to fill in certain aspects of the verse that you find lacking, but Ichigo literally helped a little girl pass on naturally in the FIRST episode. Yes, this particular passing on took a bit more effort and was more involved, but it's literally the same concept. Help spirit mentally overcome their unwillingness to pass on spirit passes on. Whether the unwillingness stems from something as simple as worrying about their cat or something as tragic as their whole family dying in a fire together, Ichigo already knew that helping spirits pass on through normal interaction is possible.
11/18 c7 5OdeClock
As a Bleach fanfic writer myself, I found that my own story gets some pretty good reception too. I don't think it's because of the new content... rather Bleach was always popular, just run-down by naysayers, who have now largely shut their traps. I guess the feeling of vindication coupled with a renewed sense of longing has reinvigorated the fanbase.

Too bad we still don't have a proper console game for this generation.
11/18 c6 OdeClock
Ah yes... the cousins are gonna have a "training spar." I like this change (at this stage) for Masaki's fate - being played into the 'no kill hollow' rule that the Soul Reaper’s imposed on their people.

And... at least these two (Ichigo and Uryū) will be friends sooner. Though I'm pretty sure this will put Ryūken on edge.
11/18 c2 OdeClock
This is one crazy fanfic. To completely rewrite the story from prior to the SS Arc is... insane! And... it works (imo). Especially with how current TYBW Ichigo has had a taste of the Almighty (the true one beyond Yhwach's), so this whole premise actually fits.

Honestly... well done.
10/18 c2 Demon God Noir
Currently rereading this. So far I like Bambietta but im still Team Rukia
10/17 c21 15Toph the Trickster
Absolutely love that you made this. Ichiruku (or at least it looks like it here, so I'm hopeful) is so rare these days, especially stories set in the actual Bleach setting.

Greatly enjoying the developments so far, and while I feel like you over-describe at times, it doesn't detract from the experience.

Thank you for your hard work and definitely looking forward to more!
10/6 c20 Death Lantern
Are you sure your lore is correct? According Mayuri any shinigami can repair their zanpakuto over time if it is broken during shikai state. Rukia is no special case. except komamura no one can restore their bankai.
10/5 c21 4EricFreak
Well he will finally have more allies to protect now. Strength upgrade will be unlocked. Thanks for the chapter.
10/4 c19 Premium kawai
Wow, you explained the endless need of power scaling in the battle.
10/4 c21 thomascastillo9987
hmm she implied ywach may not have as much power left over and or is slowly dying
10/4 c20 2Kronus18
For some reason on the Ff app i cant see chapter 21?
10/4 c21 9Emrys Akayuki
A sun gate? Is that in the supplementary stuff, 'don't fear your own world' and things? Don't remember that at all... I thought they were in stasis while future man recovered himself.

Well whatever, good chapter.
10/4 c21 Crescent cut 101
Since yhwach show interest in ichigo power even send jugram to observe him. Will that be a foreshadow event that will lead to ichigo getting his quincy power? Maybe his version of quincy vollstandig if possible. There is a theory that mugetsu is actually a variation of letz still while if ichigo train enough he can perfected mugetsu to a vollstandig level of transformation.

Many author in fanfiction have either yhwach or jugram mentioned this to ichigo that his mugetsu is just like the quincy outdated technique which is letz still that they used 1000 years ago. Because how the similarity of power and theme. Mugetsu and letz still boost the user power but it will be only a one time attack after that the user loose his power.

There is only one story so far that utilize this idea which is this story, Once More by Gone Wanderlust, the link : s/10910889/10/Once-More.

With the transformation description is this :

Ichigo was yelling his lungs out.

Koga watched as the orange haired man he'd been fighting changed in appearance.

Ichigo's hair exploded in length, reaching far down to touch the small of his back, and it bled into pitch black ebony.

His eyes drained from the brown they'd once had, and bled into the reddest crimson of a demon from hell.

The yelling ceased, and the reiatsu suddenly dissipated leaving Koga off balance with the abruptly vanishing force. Ichigo slumped for a moment, and Koga heard his opponent groan briefly in apparent pain.

Suddenly, a blast similar to Koga's own shot out of Ichigo with the accompanying shock wave, but his was entirely black and far stronger. The rings spread across the clearing, only to sink and cover the ground in a far reaching shadow that stretched from one tree line to the other.

Koga's eyes widened in awe…and apprehension.

Two midnight wings of stretching black feathers unexpectedly exploded from Ichigo's back, and Koga almost fell on his ass in his surprise. The apprehension grew in strength by tenfold.

They reached far, with a massive wingspan, and they flapped several times in the pouring rain. Several feathers broke loose, and drifted to the ground to melt into the shadow that had pooled around their ankles.

Ichigo's demon eyes cracked open again and found him. The stare pierced his heart, and an uncharacteristic fear settled in the pit of his stomach. A fear that the madness couldn't brush aside.

Koga heard a carrying whisper in place of Ichigo's earlier yell.

"Quincy Vollstandig: Mugetsu."

Ichigo stood up straight while rolling his shoulders, and his ridiculously long black hair swayed behind him with the movement. It was seemingly dry again, but that was swiftly changing with the downpour all around them. His robes were still completely drenched, and were now firmly stuck to his skin too.

However, his wings were still magnificent despite the rain. The purest black stretching like the night sky. The feathers shook lightly as he stretched, and Koga took another step back out of intimidation. They were like an angel's own, and yet wholly inverse. They radiated in their own unique way. As if an aura surrounded them, but was slowly diminishing as the transformation faded. An aura of death and abyss. Of pain and oblivion. Those wings were a testament to things Koga couldn't even comprehend. To things no one could ever fully understand. They were a representation of events that had happened, and would now never come to pass.

Ichigo flexed them for a moment in an experimental wing beat, before he took off with several powerful flaps of the ebony limbs. He hung in the air then, and he looked down at Koga through the rain.

Their eyes met again, and Koga heard Ichigo speak while raising his hand in a gently closing fist.

"Mugetsu: Schatten Griff."
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